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    Medicated beer, anyone!??

    Saw this post and thought charlie came back.
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    Hello from Texas.

    I sent them a PM with my number.
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    Looking for Texas bottles

    Interested in any type bottle from texas.
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    Crescent bottling works, Woodville Texas

    It is a nice one. I dig and collect texas bottles. If you want to part with any let me know.
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    Hello from Texas.

    I am interested in the collection. Please give me a call when its convenient. Thanks
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    Google Tripure water. Found similar ones in dallas.
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    1939 RC Cola sign Photo.

    I dont own the photo or sign just wanted to share the image with other soda collectors. Notice the case of bottles in the back ground. Wonder if these were enamel .
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    Found Dr. Pepper bottle

    This style soda flavor bottle was used by many Dr Pepper plants in texas. I have a few from different citys. The are in the DP book and value is 10 to 20 dollars. Look for 3R or 3Rivers or 3* on the bottom or heel these would be the 20 range. Nice bottle should display well thanks for posting it.
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    Found a sign today.

    Thanks for the replys. Me and my wife go creek walking sometimes digging and the relics we bring back are incorporated in the flower bed.Couple of jugs ,bronze school bell ,2 different cast wash pots ,slag glass .Heres a part of it. Makes for conversation and eye appeal. And btw there is no...
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    1 creek 2 dumps.

    I had a pic Red Mathews sent me i will try to find it. It was used flatside on side walk angled side down to illuminate basement. Actually found this one in the dirt during construction of Omni hotel in dowtown Dallas.
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    1 creek 2 dumps.

    The glass block is similar to one i found and was told it was used as a type of skylight in wood or concrete. Mine is flat on bottom and sloped at an angle at the top like a prism. This one turned SCA from sitting in flower bed for ten yrs. Hope it helps. Sam
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    Found a sign today.

    Thomas Gosnell. With american flag. Thanks its rough but better than a kick in the head. Found better found worse kept them all. Memories of that day and 100 heat with skeeters . Would have liked to find a nice bottle also. Thank you all for the comments
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    3 Rivers Amber Bottle

    This is one i found a few weeks back. The clear cousin to yours. Amber is hardervto come by.
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    Found a sign today.

    Dug this one out today. Looks 20s. Really bad job on the backside. Also found a token. Broken ss cokes on top of sign. Went out for 5hrs and didnt bring a bottle home. Stinks.
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    Kerens texas slugplate bottle

    Thank you bottlebud that is a good thread to follow. Hemi, i am sure its a cistern as i found it a yr ago intact. About 12ft deep and 8ft across brick lined. Tried to find away down without caving the roof in. Seems mother nature did the job for me. Tried to probe for privy but the soil is black...
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    Kerens texas slugplate bottle

    Need some help finding info on this bottler. Found nothing period. Looking for ads or time frame, no marks as to the glass house that produced it. Was told its a hard to get bottle and found several but all had crown damage. If anyone has or knows a reference to it please share. Its a small...
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    Mercurochrome Bottle in wooden box

    We used to call it monkey blood. Burned like heck.
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    Weird mineral creek find.

    Thank you Dave and free range. There is a talc and limestone mine 45 miles from the spot. So y'all maybe right one the money. It displays very well in the flower garden. Hope it holds up to the elements. Thanks Sam
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    Unusual soda shape

    Dig this one on thursday. Not sure if its uncle joe, high grade , California, or aunt ida. I think its uncle joe as they made 2 different size Amber's. This almost seems ruby colored.
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    Got out today for a bit.

    Deco is called Stimulator by Milwaukee. Little red is broken uncle joe, friend offered to give me a whole one. Cone top wasn't worth saving, no bottom. I know it's the same bottle but broke one looks ruby not amber. What do you think.

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