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    It is Friday, what's better than 5 BEERS

    My latest painted beer, and last until I find more. ( 26 )
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    GOBBLE GOBBLE , Anyone up for what is it.

    Had a few over today, like me "I've seen some thing like it" plumbing, or electric was about it. Only thing I found today.
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    Some of the cleanest bottles I've dug, plus I think a crank for a engine?

    I think the milk is a early one 1910? The seam stops 3/4 the way up.
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    Bad day for digging, good day for bottles.

    I was out digging saw someone walking up, said I'm a digger to. Started trading stories he said he had some bottles if I wanted them. Question on the Relish bottle it looks like there’s spot made to pour it think it's intended?
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    Does UV light help with determining the age of a bottle ?

    I think I enough to make a power plant.
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    Went back to where I started.

    The Forest Preserve started clearing out brush and trees right by dump I dig. They stopped 2 ft from where I started, so I called a friend who works for them he said that's all there doing. Just In case poked around found a few more. Top left Eclipse Gloss Right Hires extract Bottom left A.S...
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    No bottles?

    At least, they don't take up a lot of space.
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    Creepy dolls head.

    I find this same kind of head,and body parts quite often, must have been the Barbie doll of the time .
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    Anyone familiar mushroom, fungi?

    They look like they would be really good, witch probably means you're going to get really sick or really high.
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    The only decent thing I Dug up today

    I thought it was a Falstaff bottle cap 3 hrs later, I don't have a clue. Not a lot to go on ???
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    Milks I dug past year and a half, a Horlick's

    I was trying to figure out yrs on the Horlick's with no luck, the one that is starting to turn purple ( I think the older) if I put it in a sunny window would it continue to get darker .
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    My first Pepsi and first river find, but it gets better

    Rode my bike to work and have to cross a river, there was a deer that died on the bank,though ah poor guy. After work went by and saw it was a nice 8 point buck,called DNR told them what happened said I was going to see if I could salvage anything, they said let us know what you got. Very steep...
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    On a roll with stoppers

    These are are from the last 3 times out, the round glass is in excellent condition.
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    First glass stopper with the metal on it

    My guess is this was put on to prevent someone from tampering with it , but why is the bottom always look like it was snapped off.
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    Dug some super clean bottles, picked up my freshly painted beer bottles

    I think that is the biggest and smallest bottles I dug in one day. It was a beautiful day. Now I just might have a few real beers
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    Any one read Chinese?

    lm thinking NEWBRO'S HERBICIDE For The Scalp Probably did more harm than just dealing with dandruff
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    Is it just me,it seems the good ones seem to be damaged

    Spring Valley Sanitary company, from what I was able to find out in good condition would be a nice find
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    Did I find my first black glass

    To bad there both slicks ,the 1/2 pint is the cleanest bottle I ever dug
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    Now that's a butter knife, couple beers, fruit jar add Lee &Perrines

    last day of vacation not to bad U.S. BREWING CO. HUYLER'S AND BLATZ. OVB knife.
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    First bottles I ever bought.

    Never found any soda bottles, so never looked them up. Went to Frank Frits ANTIQUES shop and payed 6 dollars for the three. Will be going to Mike Wolf's store in a couple days. The Pepsi had 3 on it no price on the other two, told them they were common and would give 3 for them

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