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  1. butchndad

    Probably a stupid question

    Attached are two photos of L. Steinberger bottles from Jersey City. One with horizontal writing, the other vertical. In general, was one, vertical or horizontal in general use earlier than the other or was it simply a matter of preferred appearance? Thanks
  2. butchndad

    Dead Horse Bay - quantity vs quality

    i made my first visit to Dead Horse Bay today. I doubt i will ever see so many bottles in one area. Unfortunately all of what i saw was "mid-century". But the milk glass and smalls alone would make the trip worthwhile. I am convinced that somewhere under it all there is old stuff just...
  3. butchndad

    Cobalt inks?

    I picked up these two today. Are they inks and if not, what? One is a bit lighter in weight and color than the other and says “2 OZ” on the neck. The other, slightly heavier and darker says “77” or “LL” on the bottom. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  4. butchndad

    Back to the beach

    The beach in Jersey City on New York Bay is closed 7 months a year to protect migratory birds. It finally reopened yesterday October 1st and I got to today. Almost all of what I find there is with broken pieces or modern beer bottles but I do find shells, bone and iridescent coal. Today it was...
  5. butchndad

    Another almost

    My primary collecting is Jersey City bottles. Mostly embossed water/soda/beer. A couple of blocks from where I live was a funeral home on site for more than 100 years. Before that there was a beverage company: Chas. Harris. I’ve been searching there for months trying to beat construction. I...
  6. butchndad

    Aqua doesn’t begin to tell the story

    I love the colors (and no, I’m not smoking anything). These from my most recent Jersey City bottle
  7. butchndad

    does anyone collect New Brunswick or Trenton, NJ bottles?

    if so, a number of each were just listed on Estsy
  8. butchndad

    2 more from Jersey City

    Two more Jersey City bottles added yesterday: a little green Antrol Ant Killer and the 12 plus inch tall Exso Remedy Co mineral oil. Neither particularly old but they are now my biggest and smallest
  9. butchndad

    10 sided base & slug plate questions

    This is a photo of my three Simon James bottles. The one on the left has no visible slug plate, the middle has a round one and the right a “tombstone” shape. Does that help narrow down the year? Also the center and right have a ten sided bottom below “registered”. Again what indication of age...
  10. butchndad

    Bottle Shop Antiques

    sorry for posting in this forum if finding does not include finding in a store for anyone within driving distance, i highly recommend the Bottle Shop Antiques 2552 Rt 44 Salt Point, NY 12578 he must have more than 1,000 bottles on site i found 4 embossed Jersey City (NJ) bottles to add to my...
  11. butchndad

    Modern Codd?

    I was excited to find this codd in a store today but suspect it to be modern. I've just now reading the previous posts about modern Codds from India. It just seems to be in too good condition. The seam does not go into the lip and it appears that the lip was applied. The seem does go into the...
  12. butchndad


    i am trying to learn a little about the various closures/stoppers. Thank you As best i can tell i have examples of Hutchinson, Lightning, Putnam and Hutter are there any that are particularly desirable or is it a function of rarity? does an intact closure...
  13. butchndad

    I just went out for a walk!

    Post shoulder surgery I can’t drive or walk the dogs or most anything. Post injection into a neuroma in my foot walking has been tough. So I went for a walk to test out my foot. NO ULTERIOR MOTIVE. I was wearing shorts and sneakers, no tools and not even a plastic bag. Walking toward Liberty...
  14. butchndad

    The walking wounded go hunting

    Recovering from shoulder surgery and with a neuroma in my foot, I’m pretty limited in what I can do. I took a 3 block walk for a surface hunt at the site I’ve been searching for months now. Added 6 more blob tops (no bottle, just blob) to my collection of dozens from that site. Found a cute...
  15. butchndad

    stupid is .....

    waiting til you get home to realize the tiny writing says "made in Taiwan"
  16. butchndad

    Ink bottle, box & wiper

    I took a three and a half hour drive this morning up to New Paltz NY to an antique “barn” I had too quickly run through a couple of months ago. I wanted a slower and better look. There was less there than I remembered but it was still fun (probably should have gone to Shupps Grove). Anyway I...
  17. butchndad

    Today’s flea market finds

    a fun morning with perfect weather to walk around the flea. Nothing special but for less than than $10 I made four purchases: Ponds milk glass with label mostly intact. I like milk glass Later Allentown Horlacher hutch with script embossing Omega Oil “It’s Green” to add to my Jersey City...
  18. butchndad

    blank slug plate question

    probably a terrible question to ask but which would be more valuable; a "run of the mill" embossed hutch or a hutch with a blank slug plate. Asking because i saw a couple or sale and wondered if they were work the $5. Thanks in advance for your input
  19. butchndad

    My Jersey City bottle collection

    Digging, finding and buying, this is my collection (so far). All are embossed Jersey City and What I particularly like is that most of the water and beer bottles have the embossed street address, all within 5 blocks of where I live. More photos to follow. Happy Father’s Day to all
  20. butchndad

    A&G or AGW?

    Agnew & Wilcox or American Glass Works?

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