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    New to the group and a ever growing collection

    Hi. Welcome to the site. I have a question concerning a fruit jar in picture #7. The jar appears to be "The Marion Jar Mason's Patent Nov.30th 1858". This is a fairly common jar in Aqua colored glass, but is the jar pictured clear (colorless) glass? If so, that is a pretty scarce jar rarely seen...
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    That's a really good looking flask. I've always liked that style of flask with slug plate embossing. Congrats on a great bottle.
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    Lafayette script aqua jar

    The Lafayette jar was manufactured by the Hartford Fruit Jar Company of Hartford, Connecticut circa 1884-1889. The jar was produced in three variations. 1) "Lafayette" in script lettering, 2) "The Lafayette" in block lettering, & 3) "Lafayette" in script lettering below a profile of the man...
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    1800s Purple Kerosene Oil Lamp.

    Wow, I really like that. Great looking piece in a great color as well. I've dug a handful like that over the years, but they were always snapped in two at the stem. I still amazes me that stuff like that can be pulled from a creek/river with little or no damage at all. Terrific find.
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    Picked These Up at Bottle Show.

    The green slug plate is a very attractive bottle. The wires look pristine. Very nice pick up.
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    Speed Kills, Milk Bottle.

    A very nice unusual milk. I've never heard of something like that on a milk bottle before.
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    Holy bologna, that's a good one!

    Very nice ink. Outstanding color!! Great Find
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    C. W. Merchant Lockport Glass

    Very nice grouping. Always liked those bottles. Dug an open pontiled one many years ago.
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    What type of seal and lid would this jar have?

    The glass lid and jar do not belong together. The jar is a Safety Valve (RB #2538) & is rather common. The closure for the jar is a metal band clamp & glass lid, just not the one pictured. The glass lid in your pics would be correct for a couple of different jars: 1) B & B (RB #181), 2) The...
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    Killer one of a kind Sign.

    A very nice sign, indeed. Outstanding find!
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    Trying to put a value on Jars

    A "Red Book" (The Collector's Guide To Old Fruit Jars) would be the best source of information, but if you do not have access to a copy, go to the website of North American Glass. In the archives section use the search tool to review jars similar to the ones you have pictured that have sold in...
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    Killer druggist, but broken

    Killer little bottle
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    The Red Book lists jars in alphabetical order. 1648-5 is the numerical reference for that particular jar. #1648-5 only lists the jar as a Bead Seal variation, rather than the Shoulder Seal variation in your pics. I do agree that it is a Ball-made jar. Is there any faint or erased embossing that...
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    Another find and I have no clue what it is!

    Those tiny little bottles are cool
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    Round bottom bottle holder

    Very nice combination of form & function. Looks very nice!
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    Late night Dig!!!

    Never heard of it before. My guess would be some sort of medicinal beverage, maybe to tip toe around the Prohibition laws????? Interesting bottle, though.
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    Assortment of some nice bottles!

    The green JSP & amber medicinal whiskey are terrific looking bottles. Can't help you out concerning the history of the whiskey bottle though, as I am strictly a jar collector. But you got some very nice bottles for a decent price, I would imagine.
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    Baltimore Maryland Cobalt Blue Soda

    I love it. Unusual shape, slug plate embossing & great color. Very nice purchase!
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    Relics and some glass from my very cold short dig the other day!!!!

    I used to love digging up random stuff like that. Everything back then was just so ornate. Cold weather aside, looks like a fun dig.

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