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    New Digs from Lex Ky

    Got out and did a little digging last weekend. Brought home quite a bit of common stuff and a few neat things
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    New Digs from Lex Ky

    Got out and did a little digging last weekend. Brought home quite a bit of common stuff and a few neat things
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    New Digs from Lex Ky

    Got out and did a little digging last weekend. Brought home quite a bit of common stuff and a few neat things
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    Privy finding

    You need a Probe to find privies, especially Older holes. Some newer pits will be sunken in a bit and easily spotted by eye, but older 50's and earlier pits are often very stiff. You will want to start in the obvious places (back corners) and work your way from there. 90 percent of the time I...
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    Looking to Dig a Coca Cola Site

    I live in a town with a Coca Cola plant and my experience is that MOST of the bottles got thrown into the privies and cisterns of that era. We dig Lots of 1900-1920's sites here that produce Many straight sided Cokes. I have dug cisterns that had literally Hundreds in there and it is not...
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    Starting over.

    Doing great Bill. Not sure about your area, but I do know for sure of some privy diggers down that way. From what I hear, the probing and digging is Easy! Pits are usually shallow and some can be old. I'm sure you will be posting some killer finds before too long. We are hoping to get out some...
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    Starting over.

    Hey Bill, we never got to Dig together over in Maysville or here in Lex!!! The offer still stands if you ever make it back this way. Don't sweat the bottles... they will come and go. At least you got the price you wanted and gained something from it. I'd bet that if you search around down there...
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    The well was'nt a well....

    That's like an instant collection... especially the stoneware and fruit jars. Looks like you are getting some decent jars!
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    The Marysville Chamber Pot

    Checked my Lid and it is Very similar, but has a different pattern. Must have been made by the same place?
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    The Marysville Chamber Pot

    I am about Certain I have the LID to that pot. I will give it a look and see if it is.
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    A surprise in a cistern

    Cisterns that age in my area are Great to dig! We usually get a ton of amber cokes and stoneware out of them. Mini jugs, scratch jugs, stenciled jugs and crocks... and LOTS of amber cokes. Dug one that was filled to the top with glass and ended up having well over a thousand bottles in it...
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    Nice large stone lined privy

    Would love to see the Louisville Ky Jar. Might be the First Pick out of that Dig!!! Lets see it!!!
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    A real crier

    Try Gomer Pyles (Dr. Gomer). He can repair about anything and uses UV enhancement to easily point out restorations with a Blacklight. I don't think it would cost you Too much to have it done. I'll bet he could make it look as good as new. :-)
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    How often do you score?

    With privies, it is hit or miss. I find that about one out of every ten holes is Loaded with stuff... but not always Keepers. Some of my Best digs have come from dipped pits where not much else was found. Seems like about one out of every One Hundred pits spits out something Exceptional. Now, my...
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    National Bottle Show

    Super stoked about this show. Never thought anything like this would come to Lex. Going to get a dealer table And a display table for setting up some privy digging finds. If enough members from the forum show up, we might have to find something to Dig! :-)
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    National Bottle Show

    Sweet Mike. Look me up... I'm gonna try and have a table.
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    National Bottle Show

    This is very Cool. :-)
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    And another wood liner.....

    That Wilders is very cool. Looks a lot like the Bitters with the roped edges. What does the fourth panel say? Louisville, Ky?
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    wood liner

    That clear JAR LID with the two lugs coming off the top is a Good one. Maybe the First pick out of that hole. Hope you kept it!
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    Diggin n Findin Some questions ??

    I've dug quite a few of the Dill's here in Ky, so I'm assuming they are fairly common. Still cool little bottles.

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