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    how rare is a williamson wva 1915 coke....worth?

    found three probally more there plus 2 brown cokes
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    pontiled stopper bottle update

    I have tried everything in the book to remove the stopper from this bottle for days including acid, wd40 hot water etc. About 15 minutes ago i was looking at it and held the top in my coffee for a minute.....the gently tapped the stopper with a butter knife.......POP!!!!!!!!! and the stopper...
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    cobalt soda question

    I got that other blue ponteled cobalt soda in trade from the privy a few months ago and it has a flake crack type chip on the front all the glasses there but it's like a chip on your windshield. Is there a repair that you can do to make the harshness of the crack of the of the chip go away...
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    question about nremoving stopper on this pontil bottle

    one of the recently dug bottles has a stuck glass stopper. Any advice on freeing it? Clear glass with brown muck inside
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    big pic with my bottle digging buddies...its like christmas

    penty of 1840's through 60's pontils and hing molds,,,,,pics to come
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    I dug this what I believe to be a paneled soda it is very interesting it has the big

    It is a Ferguson carbonated water bottle can't find anything on the internet
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    the end to the pit

    i cannot get to the end of the pit....the contractor is back filling over it. I managed three gems last night. A C. C. Bristol with the backwards s and a Bear oil and a puff.
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    back to the early pit

    got some sweet pontils...curious about the dr wombaugh cincinnati bottle
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    two bottles yesterday in pit

    a pontiled cobalt blue C B Owen Cincinnati and a pitsburg double eagle flask
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    help locating a soda bottle

    Im helping a developer locate a soda bottle. He is restoring a building in cincinnati that housed the Best and Loathes Seltzer Water Co. He is looking for any related bottles or ads.
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    Opened an early privy

    Found in basement favorite privies to dig...Im 6 feet below floor in what i hope to be into the good stuff soon. I hit an edge of the layer and saw this
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    Crier Shard

    Dug a hair tonic base with solid rod pontil.....all N's are backward
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    Found a crier shard. A solid rod pontil..ROWLANDS MACASSAR OIL FOR THE HAIR HATTON LONDON

    All of the n's are this a rare example?
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    so ive been frightened to ask this question because i fear i will cry

    last year i dug an 8 sided umbrella ink pontil scar with titcomb embossed on it. I see one like it on the web that is 12 sided and is considered rare and goes for 500-1000 bucks. Is my 8 sided one rarer......and the kicker is that the top is missing off mine
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    is this the smallest pontil ever

    i love it
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    Looking for pictures or ideas of.....

    a portable ladder system for up to 34 foot deep holes. I was wondering if you purchased the rope ladder system or bought it
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    2 criars from weekend 1840's 50' privy

    left is embossed ...D.L. ORMSBY and right yellowware is H&B. plenty of goodens came out

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