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    Iridescence - Patina

    Getting ready to move and downsize my collections. Taking pictures for sale. Just thought I'd share some pix.
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    Little bottles, lots of embossing

    While going through and taking pictures of my "Littles" & "Free Sample" collections I decided to share a couple which have a LOT of embossing. Well, not this one but I can't figure out how to delete. Here's oneand another. 2 3/8" tall
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    WTS Sample, free, trial, try it, etc. & 1/2 & 1 ounce pharmacies 4 Sale

    Is anyone on the forum particularly interested in FREE SAMPLE type embossed bottles? How about 1/2 & 1 ounce pharmacy / Drug Store bottles. I'm selling mine and want to give you members first chance before they go on eBay. It will save us both money. Pictures available upon request.
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    Unusual, uncommon, unlisted jar lid?

    Hey folks, many do not know me but I've been a jar collector, off & on, for over 50 years. I have always concentrated on the older, odd closure and colored jars. An acquaintance came up with this lid I am unfamiliar with, it's a newer type than I collect and I cannot fond it listed in my old...
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    Big Chief soda from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Anybody collect these? Will sell reasonably, I think, or trade for my specialties. This thing is about as mint as a used bottle can get, especially a soda.
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    I just want to send a public THANK YOU to Taylor McBurney for adding what turned out to be elusive, a 1/2 ounce Rhode Island Pharmacy / Drug Store bottle to my 48 state collection. I now lack only New Mexico and Wyoming to complete it. I would go for the 50 state but Alaska & Hawaii are too...
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    Labeled Murray & Landman Florida Water

    I've had the most common, large size (9 inches) example a long time. Actually it is my Wife's, she likes it for decoration in our guest bath. Awhile back I was happy to get the smaller size (5 3/4 inches) for her from an eBay seller. This week I received the Miniature / Sample size (3 3/4...
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    50 + 1 State 1/2 ounce Pharmacy / Drug Store bottle collection

    Guys and gals, over the years I have taken delight in helping others add to their collections. I'm asking for help now. I lack only 5 to complete my group as in the title. The + 1 is Washington D.C. which I recently added. I still need the following. I'll pay cash or offer generous trades...
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    What has happened to Eric, the mystery man? I haven't been aware of his presence for awhile, I miss him. Jim
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    Wanted: Buy or Trade

    I'm looking to buy or preferably trade for, at least two (2) very common, medium size square, embossed, colored bottles, perhaps ABM HOSTETTERS (or similar) for a project, not for my shelf. Damage or sickness is acceptable depending on where it is and how bad. Other types, such as LARGE cobalt...
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    Odd looking jar. - What did it contain

    A friend dug this up about 2 feet down while digging a trench. I can usually tell what they contained but this is an oddball. It's machine made, probably 1950 - 70, snap on cap. What is your input?
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    Back on the forums

    Hey guys and gals, if anyone cares, I am back, active and subscribed to several forums. I had a great deal of trouble navigating the new format and may still struggle. Then my wife of 55 years had a mild heart attack and by-pass surgery. In the mean time I have acquired a LOT of miscellaneous...
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    Old English Ginger Beer - GALENA, ILLINOIS

    Can anyone give me the rarity and / or value of this one? I've never seen one before.
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    Several nice BEER bottles For Sale

    1st., A.W. KENISON CO. / AUBURN, CAL. Amber Quart - No Damage. $50 + actual postage Email me, PM me, Phone me, Write me a letter, Holler out the window, I'll try to respond
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    Blob Top Beers 4 Sale

    I have the following Western Amber Quarts 4 Sale. I haven't had luck selling to forum members but want to try before eBay takes their cut. Pictures available upon request. (when the sun comes out) No damage to report on either. Prices include shipping. $50.00 each, both are at LEAST not common...
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    Successful trade

    I just want to offer a quick comment to you all that I have received an insulator from Drew A.K.A. JetCoasterFan as his part of a trade and he has proved to be a stand up guy. He's somewhat inexperienced so please be patient. Ask questions if you agree to a trade. Jim
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    Slightly off topic item - Dose Reminder

    I would like to share an item I think is neat even though it is only loosely connected to bottles. I thought I had already shared it but can't find it, so here it is again. If this is a duplicate I apologize. I recently bought it off eBay. I've never seen another even though my Wife and I had an...
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    The following are 4 Trade or Sale if necessary

    I would like to trade the following. Additional pix and description available.1. RINEHART BEVERAGES Art Deco soda.2. GREEN VALLEY BEVERAGES - POLSON, MONTANA - POLSON CREAMERY CO. Art Deco soda3. WILBER BOTTLING WORKS - WILBER, NEB.(raska) Hutch Soda
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    Bottle I.D. please

    Hey guys and gals, need some help with a couple of new eBay additions.1. Is E.S. REED'S SONS / ATLANTIC CITY a Pharmacy / Drug Store bottle or more of a Patent Medicine type?2. Where is HYNSON / WESTCOTT / DUNNING located, is it also a Pharmacy / Drug Store bottle? and what did these folks...

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