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    WTB Old bottle collecting magazine

    Antique Bottle World magazine August 1977 Volume 4, No.3 I'd like to buy a copy or a photocopy of an article it contains about amber milk bottles.
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    Looking to buy colored milk bottles

    Hi all. I'm collecting Amber & Green embossed milk bottles. Keen to hear from anyone with items that might fit my collection. No irradiated bottles or pyro's thanks.
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    Embossed colored milk bottles wanted

    I'd like to buy amber or green embossed milk bottles. In particular I would love to acquire an amber TREQ embossed with Fort Dodge Creamery Company, Iowa. I bought a near mint one of these in February and it arrived in pieces. It was the only breakage I've had with nearly 100 items sent to me...
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    New Member

    Hello to all from a new member.Greetings from Australia.I've been collecting colored embossed milk bottles for about twenty years.Starting with New Zealand Ambers and have built a reasonable collection from around the world. My USA collection: (all different)3 Amber 1/2 gallons40 Amber Quarts5...

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