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  1. Mayhem

    Wanted: Wm R Warner & Co. Pint Square or Oval Bottle

    Update: In addition to any square or oval I am also looking for any round Wm R Warner & Co. Pint bottles. They are embossed on the bottom "Wm R Warner & Co. Philadelphia" as shown in attached example pictures
  2. Mayhem

    Smithsonian National Museum of America History Patent Medicine Collection

    I just found this online:
  3. Mayhem

    Wanted: Wm R Warner & Co. Pint Square or Oval Bottle

    Wanted: Wm R Warner & Co. Pint (16oz) Square or Oval Bottle. As an example I attached pictures of an amber 12oz bottle that is unfortunately severely cracked. The bottle I am looking for would be taller than the pictured example at 7 1/2 to 8 inches in a square or oval. Like the pictured...
  4. Mayhem

    Nice find at the Los Angeles Bottle Show - Wm. R Warner & Co.

    Finally a BOTTLE SHOW!!!! and a very nice addition to my collection. A round Wm R Warner & Co. in green. She is 7 7/8" tall by 2 3/4" wide, BIM with a perfectly tooled top and smooth bottom. She looks good with my Parke, Davis & Co. collection.
  5. Mayhem

    So Cal digging?

    I'm in Oceanside, CA. I can't imagine one could find a place old enough in So Cal worth digging but if you do I'm there.
  6. Mayhem

    5" Bottles Used For?

    A friend of mine just obtained two more of these little 5 inch beauties. To our surprise the one in the middle has a "W.T. & Co." on the bottom. The one on the left has only a (mold) number on the bottom and the one on the right has no bottom mark. Second picture is next to another "W.T. & Co."...
  7. Mayhem

    Incredible 8" Teal Whitall Tatum W. T. & Co. Medicine Bottle

    Happy 4th of July!! I watched this bottle on eBay for at least a year and lost interest. A month or so ago I put it in my watch list again and having been on eBay for years the seller made me a good offer. See first picture. Perhaps some of you saw this bottle described as "Antique 8" Black...
  8. Mayhem

    South Jersey Lillipad Compote, how old?

    Ok you experts here is a challenge. I have some ideas but lets see what you think.. I was born and raised in Maryland. My mother spent her entire adult life picking antiques and primitives along the eastern seaboard including Amish and Mennonite communities, etc. She gave this compote to my...
  9. Mayhem

    C. W. Merchant Lockport Glass

    My collection of C. W. Merchant Lockport Glass...
  10. Mayhem

    Help identify these bottles/utility type pieces

    The amethyst pocket flask on the right is of the type made by Clevenger Brothers circa 1930 - 1960. Ritter-Carlton Company, Inc., of Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, published a catalog in 1939 showing the Clevenger glassware they were selling but never mentioned Clevenger by name. The catalog...
  11. Mayhem

    Hair Restorer Bottle Collection

    Top (L-R) W.C. Montgomery's Hair Restorer Philada - Amber Dr. Tebbett’s Physiological Hair Regenerator - Light Amethyst W.C. Montgomery's Hair Restorer Philada - Amber w/puce tones Bottom (L-R) Mrs. S.A. Allens Worlds Hair Restorer New York - Light Amber Mrs. S.A. Allens Worlds Hair Restorer...
  12. Mayhem

    J. R. Nichols & Co. Chemists Boston

    Here are two mint examples. I recently acquired the green one. It was incredibly dirty and filled with dried contents. It was very hard to tell what was underneath in terms of content stains chips or cracks. I debated keeping it as is but decided to clean it I am glad I did as it is full of...
  13. Mayhem


    It is an algorithm based on what you search for, clicked on, and most important put in your watch list. Search on "cobalt blue bottles" a lot and that is what you will get. Like FB algorithms it is designed to "keep you engaged". Even my iTunes tries to pick what I like based on what I have...
  14. Mayhem

    Labeled Bitters, Sunbursts Flasks and Misc Glass

    Here is the last of my pictures. Some labeled bitters, Sunburst flasks, inks and miscellaneous glass. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Mayhem
  15. Mayhem

    Double Eagle / E.C. Booz / Scroll Quarts

    Dear Flasks, 1) I live in southern California. Nothing except the local Mission is older than 100 years here. 2) Like another member suggested I am relatively new to the hobby and missed the golden age of digging / trading, and 3) because of California's riches I have the money to buy what I...
  16. Mayhem

    Louisville Glassworks Flasks

    Anyone like Louisville Glassworks Flasks? Here you go. Quart and pint double eagles. Quart and pint ribbed flasks with eagles. A Louisville Glassworks pint scroll flask with iron pontil. Stay tuned. Still more to come. Mayhem
  17. Mayhem

    Double Eagle / E.C. Booz / Scroll Quarts

    Here are some top shelf Quarts. A green Pittsburgh Double Eagle. An authentic square roof E.C. Booz cabin whiskey and a light green Scroll flask with iron pontil. The bottom row are some interesting pints. The rare yellow amber un-embossed flask in the center is simply beautiful in her shape...
  18. Mayhem

    Demijohns, Black Glass and Miscellaneous Bottles

    I thought I would go big tonight so I went around the house and picked up all the miscellaneous bottles for you here. Still more to come. Mayhem
  19. Mayhem

    Lafayette, Washington, Jackson Portrait Flasks

    While we are all doing or best to avoid the virus how about some Portrait Flasks from my collection to look at. Stay tuned, still, more to come. Mayhem
  20. Mayhem

    Double Eagle / Masonic Flasks

    Some Double Eagle pints on top, a Masonic pint lower left and a sweet little Eagle /Masonic half pint on lower right. Stay tuned … it gets even better. Mayhem

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