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  1. Wildcat wrangler

    My weird bottle of the week-

    I thought this would be easy to look up, thinking it was another catsup bottle, but I just don’t know that’s what it is, now. All I know, for sure, is it’s an unusual color and it’s dirty, and sits really crooked with lots of bubbles. I couldn’t find any catsup bottles like it- I did see some...
  2. Wildcat wrangler

    What was it used for, and any thoughts on the age of it?

    This bottle has been in a box of bottles from an estate sale, for months. I have not even put water to it, because when I look it it, it makes me a little sick, so I walk out and shut the door! Finally, over the weekend, I actually picked it up and considered getting out my Drexel and a new...
  3. Wildcat wrangler

    What is this, and if it were yours, what, in the way of repairs, would you do?

    This bottle has been in a box of bottles from an estate sale, for months. I have not even put water to it, because when I look it it, it makes me a little sick, so I walk out and shut the door! Finally, over the weekend, I actually picked it up and considered getting out my Drexel and a new...
  4. Wildcat wrangler

    Applied neck? And what was it- I’m guessing utility bottle?

    This one looks totally different than it did when I first set eyes on it… It was all dirty and had a thick white crust all over it. I tumbled it in my simple limited Tumblr and got the inside cleaned up. The more I worked on it the older it seemed. I need help with the age of it and it does...
  5. Wildcat wrangler

    Have you heard of this?

    I can’t find anything on this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wildcat wrangler

    I have a lot of new ones but this one is interesting

    This one is interesting! S. Larnac. Here’s what I could find on this primitive bottle that’s so whittled…. I think there’s a bunch more in a box, that look about the same age but are unmarked crude early bottles. It’s in nice shape for its age! It’s rare enough there’s precious little to find...
  7. Wildcat wrangler

    I am trying to think why someone cut this….

    I am trying to think why someone cut this…. And then glued it back on, really badly! This was in a lot of stuff from the auction. I keep picturing someone doing that to put on a bottle they broke, then trying to cut the broken one to fit, and busting it all up. Then forgetting they have the...
  8. Wildcat wrangler

    New treasures scored at an auction/estate sale!

    I had to fight for what I got- bottle people heard about this auction/estate sale- someone was a collector. I have only gone thru about 1/2, even to glance thru. Check it: And in a box of whiskeys was a really beautiful book. Then the guy from the auction who is president of the local...
  9. Wildcat wrangler

    Finally! Bottle show treasures-2 years later!

    It was a great weekend with 2 different auctions won, …. And then out of town to the first bottle show I’ve seen in 2 years! Williams Cali- so I had to bring home some treasures. Much of them have not even been washed, yet-seems to be a theme lately! But check out a couple of old western...
  10. Wildcat wrangler

    What are these?

    These were in a box of bottles that I got a couple weeks back, from an auction. The quick stick one is a broken glue bottle, I think… I am leaning towards part of a pipe on the white one- but the last one, I am really stumped on. A straining funnel? A tiny megaphone- (Leonard?) another pipe...
  11. Wildcat wrangler

    I have to share a shot-

    I took a picture of a bottle I picked up, yesterday- I think it would make a great calendar or print- if I found a calendar with bottle pix like this, I would make room for it! What do you think? If I can’t I.d. It, at least I can play with pix of it! Kat >^..^ Sent from my iPhone using...
  12. Wildcat wrangler

    Todays haul….

    I went back to the antique shop with the buck a bottle minus 30%? Let me show you what I dragged home, In all it’s dirt and glory…. Almost like my digging days! That holfsteaders is unopened Anyone with an idea what the Turkish one is- or anything about any of them? But first, check out this...
  13. Wildcat wrangler

    Score! Just some of what I found last week….

    I found myself going crazy in an antique shop last Saturday and am going back tomorrow with my friend, the shrink lady. (Problem is she’s even crazier than I when it comes to antiques…. Good thing we love different styles). A guy with a booth and 1 hell of a bottle collection, has Alzheimer’s...
  14. Wildcat wrangler

    My haul from what’s left of the lake-

    It was Saturday- SO Smokey like it has been- and 111 degrees- the smoke had kept that day cooler than called for. So I packed up the boat and headed out. Not sure how much longer it will even be opened, as so many launches are closed. But I am just cruising the shoreline because the lake gives...
  15. Wildcat wrangler

    Newer than I normally go for…

    I had to buy these even though they are prohibition bottles. But I just really like them! Then this guy jumped in the basket, too…. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Wildcat wrangler

    I have been trying to get a timeline on some Jesse Moore bottles….. which is older?

    The problem with collecting the more rare bottles, is info on them is even rarer(er!). Can anyone help me with this. Which is older, my 2 Jesse Moore’s that I have: With the antlers above the circle…. OR the one I bought - With the antlers in the circle? There is precious nothing on these...
  17. Wildcat wrangler

    I got my new one! Radams cure-

    Just love it when I buy a bottle and the seller warns of things like a spot by the neck, ect- I was prepared for the worst, but can’t find any of it? Anyway, I’ve wanted this one forever! And why not…. It cures all diseases- with a club. >^..^< Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. Wildcat wrangler

    Ghosted, or hologram label?

    I am not too familiar with soda bottles of this age, beyond emptying a few, back in the day. I try and stick with the oldies. I noticed on this vintage rc a thing that looks to be a hologram or ghosted label. Can anyone tell me anything about It, or what it’s really called? Sent from my iPad...
  19. Wildcat wrangler

    Has anyone actually seen or heard of this bottle?

    o I have to say goodbye today, to this bottle that I loved at first site I had an idea it was rare and special- but I’m starting to think there’s only 3 on earth! I started to list it for like $100, but eBay said $350? Within 20 minutes I had like 14 people watching it and over 100 people...

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