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    The clear Casper's is scarcer than the cobalt. Talked to a Casper's guy at the JAX show who said there is at least one amber that he knows about.
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    Speed Kills, Milk Bottle.

    I've always been a kind of old milk bottle kind of guy. I remember being excited as a teenager when I dug up local "round" milk bottles, so I was kind of saddened to see Ralph Finch's editorial in the recent AB&GC where he said milk bottles, barber bottles, and others that used to be...
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    The Indians Panacea

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    You think this half post, broken swirl mid-western flask is a reproduction? I bought it from a...

    You think this half post, broken swirl mid-western flask is a reproduction? I bought it from a Norman Heckler auction and I have already moved it out of my collection. It's amazing how the age matting on the base was reproduced. Should I get with Norman Heckler and tell him he sells fakes, or...
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    10 sided base & slug plate questions

    I have seen mug bases on 1850's pontiled sodas all the way to 1900's Hutches
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    10 sided base & slug plate questions

    That base is called a "mug base"
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    Some Stuff

    Tightening shoe laces
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    Hello from Frederick MD

    You should go visit the site of the Amelung Glass Factory which is in your neighborhood. One of the most historical places for antique glass collectors in America
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    Bought this today from a local Goodwill

    The biggest clue, already mentioned, is that the bottle is machine made. There are other clues, like that is not a seal, its part of the mold, as was made unreadably blurry on purpose. Bottles like this can be found at the dollar store
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    Cleaning out a shelf of stuff - should I throw these out?

    I guess it sounds obnoxious, but I was trying to be realistic. You never really know how your tone is taken when you write something.
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    Cleaning out a shelf of stuff - should I throw these out?

    If you use some perspective you might understand. The population of the US in 1776 was 3 million and hundreds of bottles were blown every day. The population of these machine made bottles was 130 million. Hundreds of MILLIONS of bottles were pressed out by electrified automatic bottle making...
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    Paterson NJ 1/2 gallon script jugs

    That's impressive. How long did it take to gather all these together? Looks like a lifetime!
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    Cleaning out a shelf of stuff - should I throw these out?

    I agree. Don't throw them away. Do something good for the environment and put them in the recycle bin. They won't be worth anything in a thousand years.
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    Gin Bottle with Asterisk on bottom

    Most of us probably bought one when we first started collecting, tried to sell it and then ended up giving it away.
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    Am I missing something here?

    I definitely gave up selling on eBay, but I keep flagellating myself by pouring over the offerings hoping to find something decent to BID on. I don't mind a bidding war, I mind seeing the same bottles up at ten times the retail value. Some of these bottles are going on TWO YEARS, because eBay...
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    Need a price estimate.

    An amber round embossed milk used to be worth a lot more than $20, what happened?
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    Curious about Ebay

    No, it costs nothing if your item does not sell. You can just hit a button and relist it for another seven days and if it doesn't sell you can do it again and pay nothing. Ground Hog day. Buyers have to plow through hundreds of these listings that they have seen a hundred times. It used to...
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    Any value in these damaged historical flasks?

    They definitely still have value. It may be 90% less than an undamaged version but it still could be relatively substantial. Cracked is much better than pieces missing. A thousand dollar flask with cracks could easily still be worth a hundred.
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    Curious about Ebay

    I should say bidding and auction format on EBAY is on its way out as sellers are opting for "buy it now" at what they decide is the upper end of a retail price, or just a fantasy price to see what would happen. If it doesn't sell they lose NOTHING
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    Curious about Ebay

    Ebay is no longer buyer OR seller friendly for antique glass. When they took away listing costs and transferred those costs to the other end, ebay was suddenly swamped with sellers that were just playing around and didn't want to really sell anything. If one listing out of a hundred sticks to...

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