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    columbia sc bottle show

    any one going to the columbia show friday or saturday?
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    Don't forget our military this day of thanksgiving!

    just wanted to say happy thanksgiving and remind everyone to keep our military in your thoughts and prayers today. my son and many like him are overseas and away from home during the holidays for the first time. I remember what it was like on my first assignment. so say a pray for them and...
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    columbia s.c. bottle show

    anyone going this year?
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    globe tobacco jar

    i mostly collect sodas but every once in awhile something else will catch my eye. this weekend it was a globe tobacco jar. it's in very good shape and a great shade of amber. the only problem is that the top is missing. i was hopeing someone might know where i might get hold of a correct lid...
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    columbia s.c. question

    i know the columbia s.c. show is tomorrow but i haven't seen a flyer. does anyone know if it's at the same location?
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    columbia sc bottle show

    anyone going to the show? i got a post awhile back saying it was the 17th and 18th of feburary. i haven't heard anything much about it lately?
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    check it out

    finally got my hands on one of the rarest kist bottles out there. that's rights folks, i am the proud owner of an amber kist bottle. as far as i know they are extremely rare. this one is a 32oz. on a scale of 1 to 10, i'd say an 8.5. if anyone has any info please post. here's the front
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    tell me about this kist

    recently got my hands on this bottle and looking for info. i'm not an expert but have never heard of a stubby kist. any info would be appreciated. also if any one has one in better condition that they would consider parting with keep me in mind.
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    Tell me about these Canada Dry bottles

    this is the back of them. i have seen plenty of canada dry bottles but never a diet of low calorie one. anyone out there ever seen one before?
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    Columbia S.C. bottle show

    one month and counting. feb 18 & 19. who's going?
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    yes! yes! yes!

    i have finally gotten my greasy little paws on one of the bottles i consider a holy grail of soda bottles. yes folks, it's an amber diet crush in really great condition. here's the front.
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    painted label soda book

    does anyone know if there has been any news on the acl soda bottle book that was being put together a while back? i sure would like to have some upto date info.
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    nuked acl bottles

    i have 2 questions for the fine folks here. the first is, all the nuked bottles i've seen have been purple except for coke bottles so my question, is it possible to nuke a bottle a medium shade of brown or darker? my second question, is it possible to nuke an acl label without altering it in...
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    Christo Cola from S.C.

    picked up this bottle over the summer. it's a 6 1/2oz straight side from Spartanburg S.C. other than needing a good cleaning it's in real good shape. i believe it's pretty scarce but i'm not sure. can anyone tell how rare it is and approximate worth. i have been looking for one for a long time...
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    Diet and Sugar Free Double Cola

    picked up these bottles because they're pretty neat and i didn't know Double Cola bottled diet drinks. anyone have anu info on them. i believe diet sodas are going to be a hot collectable one day, any opinions on that?
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    Sour Puss

    picked up this bottle because it has a great off the wall name. i don't believe they are rare but don't see them around here. does anyone have any info on this brand such as flavor or where bottled? i'm guessing some sort of citrus or maybe grapefruit.
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    Amber Fresca NDNR

    this is another great bottle i picked up from the columbia show. i got it from Doug so once again thanks. i really love the odd bottles that pop up every now and then. doug, you told me some about it but i don't remember what all you told me. would you mind telling me again. thanks, john.
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    Milk Glass Soda

    picked this bottle at the show here for a real good price. i have always wanted one. now i need to find one with a good lable still attached.
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    Smile ACL

    here's a bottle Bubba picked up from Pat. it's a great bottle that he had to have thanks Pat for the good deal.
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    Trying Not To Break It

    getting my Kist NDNR made me think about Rhona and i was wondering if anyone has heard from her lately. the kist she found was the 1st one i ever saw.

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