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    Lucina Cordial, or, Elixir of Love

    Well the national new was a little rough today. So here is this bottle. But it needs to be full, everyone take a swig. (Love the paper thin lip)
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    N W Seat

    Tiny little bottle, I bet it doesn't hold a tablespoon and a half. The embossing reads: N W Seat MD (backward S) Negative Electric Fluid New York
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    A gift bottle, and the story that goes with it.

    About forty years ago, a friend of mine was hiking the mountains near a mother lode gold mine. On the face of a cut bank was a partially eroded out two gallon bucket that looked to have been placed there and upside down. After edging the dirt away, he discovered the bucket was guarding three...
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    color time

    The bed bugs don't have a chance.
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    Has anyone ever seen this one? I dug 3 in one hole, one had damage. Since then not another sighting, not in the shows or auctions. Townsley's,, Unequaled bed bug,, destroyer,, It's been decades now that I've had an eye open.
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    Kermit the Frog used to sing, It's not easy being green,, But, It is good being green.
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    How about a thread of box, and or label and or contents for the pontil gems

    I'll start out with a Jacobs Cholera & Dysentery Cordial
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    Some Bottles are Just Wrong

    The title in reference to the ability of the bottle's embossing to take my mind to dark places. I picture myself as being 5 years old in the pontil era of the frontier gold rush. My mother coming at me with the bottle and a tablespoon. The bottle reads,, Doctor Frank's,, Turkey Febrifuge...
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    My Favorite D Mortimore med of All Time

    Powder blue, tube pontil, rolled lip that almost got out of control. Embossing on three panels reads, Dr Stephens,, D Mortimore,, Asstringent Syrup,, It has a backward Y, and of course astringent is mis spelled. ( It was intended to treat cholera and diarrhea, so maybe their spelling...

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