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  1. Tombstone Brick

    Milk crate

    ever seen a milk crate like this?
  2. Tombstone Brick

    Silver City Beer

    Anyone know this bottle?
  3. Tombstone Brick

    Mc Ilhenny co

    What's this?
  4. Tombstone Brick

    New bottle dump

  5. Tombstone Brick

    Romero Drug Co

    Found some Romero drug co bottles. Info is very limited on the internet. Would like to learn more. This bottle came from a pre 1922 dump
  6. Tombstone Brick

    Buffalo Soldier dump

    Just started this new dump in the ghost town I've been digging for a couple years. Looks to be all handblown beers and whiskeys
  7. Tombstone Brick

    Black billed cuckoo

  8. Tombstone Brick

    Old gun

  9. Tombstone Brick

    Love is in the air.

    Its that time of year.
  10. Tombstone Brick

    Arizona booze

    A few of the finds.
  11. Tombstone Brick

    Soda bottles

    Here's a few sodas I've found in the last year. The Pleasure time is local from Tucson Az.
  12. Tombstone Brick

    Arizona milk

    I need a place to keep my Az dairy info.
  13. Tombstone Brick

    Arizona insulators

    Here in Arizona no one really collects. Here's a few someone gave me. I melt them to make lighting fixtures.
  14. Tombstone Brick

    What drives your passion?

    What makes bottle collecting fun for you? What was your first " trophy" ?
  15. Tombstone Brick

    Arizona dig

    First find!
  16. Tombstone Brick


    Hi everyone Looking to get into Kayaking. I want one that I can go camping with, I need lots of gear storage. Thanks
  17. Tombstone Brick

    Unknown bottle

    This bottle is a Owens made in 1963.
  18. Tombstone Brick

    Bottle Fever

    Anyone know what that is? Anyone ever have it?
  19. Tombstone Brick

    Paper milk cap circa 1910

    Old paper cap found a foot underground.

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