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  1. J

    Galveston Dig

    Very cool bottles. Have you ever found anything with the name Sampson on it? My great grandfather was a prominent doctor there through the hurricane. I think he moved away in 1902 or 1903. The Arthur F. Sampson house survived the storm and is still there in the historic district
  2. J

    Best way to clean old milk glass jars?

    I used the scrubbing just described and then soaked them overnight in water with denture cleaner. Mine were found in river bottoms. Some of the stains are deep and will not come out
  3. J

    River Finds part 2

    likely Brookfield, the letters are a bit worn
  4. J

    River Finds part 2

    On the base it says DESIGN PAT D 1928 Then Duraglas. The Owens Illinois is 20 mark 51. 20 was their Oakland Plant in 1951. It is just shy of 10"
  5. J

    River Finds part 2

    It is 3 3/4" high, has a seem running through it, threaded, embossed 1 on the top and N. BROOKFELT on the neck.
  6. J

    River Finds 2021 part 1

    California, no hurricanes here.
  7. J

    River Finds part 2

    that's it, a small blue insulator
  8. J

    River Finds part 2

    Later in the year I found these Greys Harbor Dairy (WA) creamer unkown milk bottle embossed P rising on the bottom Fratelli Branca Milano Italian Bitters 1880-1900 2 hobbleskirt coca cola bottles Sacramento CA 1941 & 1942 Nehi 1951 Owens Illinois Oakland CA 2 Saki-bin bottles 2 Tiger Whiskey...
  9. J

    River Finds 2021 part 1

    Not very old or valuable, but of interest to me are the ones that I have identified: Blue Ribbon 3XVI Quality Purity large medicine 1907-1933 Chas Fletcher’s Castoria 1900-1930 Pierce Glass Co medicine bottle with herringbone pattern Piso’s Cure 1900-1937 Clear coke bottle 1945 Green...
  10. J

    Many sided aqua pontil

    I dug it out of silt on a river dive
  11. J

    Many sided aqua pontil

    I found this Friday 6" tall, the flat sides were formed in a mold, the pontil scar glass is sharp. Thoughts?
  12. J

    Some Stuff

    Button hook for shoes and boots. My grandfather included them with the boots he manufactured for women in San Francisco
  13. J

    What's the best ketchup bottles

    Finally did something with my catchup bottles. They are not worth much, but now look a lot nicer than before. All but one of the bottles were manufactured in California
  14. J

    Came up out of the back yard today

    They are common in California as well. What is cool about them is that though they were mass produced, they were hand finished and each one is a bit different
  15. J

    Clorox and Clo-White

    I have a number of them from the late 20's through the 40's. I display them in my laundry room and it makes a nice decoration for an otherwise utilitarian space.
  16. J

    River, Creek, or Lake finds

    Pumpkin seed flasks found over a number of years of river diving
  17. J

    How old is this bottle please

    I have had success with denture cleaner. i immerse the bottle in water and then add a tablet or two with some of the tablet inside the bottle. Then I leave it overnight. The next day with a sponge and bottle brush I am able to get most if not all of the accumulated dirt and sludge off.
  18. J

    The remaining mysteries

    Thanks CB, The fifth bottle also has quite a few air bubbles. My guess is foreign wine bottle. Any thoughts as to why the bottle labeled fourth bottle (third post in the sequence) has an offset seam? That seems very strange.
  19. J

    The remaining mysteries

    Thanks CB. toilet water would make sense. Ale bottles from Europe turn up where I dive. They were imported for gold rush miners. When you said the fourth, were you referring to the one with pictures labeled fifth bottle, or pictures labeled fourth bottle?

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