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    What's up with the weather? Mosquitos in January

    Over 2 feet of snow just 2 weeks ago. 14 degrees the beginning of this past week. Snow has almost all melted the past couple of days. Was outside doing yard clean up with no coat today. Sunny and warm, maybe upper 50's to 60's, didn't check. Mosquitos were buzzing around and yes even killed...
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    RedGinger turns 26!

    Happy Birthday to RedGinger/Lauren aka JoeTheCrow's other half! Get out and do something fun while the weather is still good, breathe that mountain air! PD
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    Buffalo Bottle Show Sept 23rd

    Anybody going to the Buffalo show this Sunday? Small, but nice show. PD
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    JoeTheCrow suffers a loss

    My digging buddy JoeTheCrow and a great friend of this forum unexpectedly lost his mother this evening. She was an amazingly talented woman who graced this Earth for 88 years. Please keep ol' Joe in your thoughts and prayers. Lost my dad a few years back and remember how much it hurt despite...
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    Happy Birthday bottlediger (Ryan)

    Happy Birthday Ryan, hope it was a good one! PD
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    Rochester, NY show

    Who is going to the Rochester show on April 15th? Nice show. 2 hour drive for me, but very much worth it. Will the infamous Cazzdigger be there? PD
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    Sick Rick wins 2nd in AG&BC wrting contest

    I don't check all of the topics on here and have been a little out of the loop lately, but did any body notice or mention that our very own Sir Sick Rickster won 2nd place in the AG&BC magazine writing contest? Who was a runner up from this forum as well? Good job! PD
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    Dig of the year contest!

    Am I missing something? Why doesn't this forum have a year's end dig of the year contest every year decided by voting members? Best dig of the year by active members, don't post "somebody's" digs. Active member digs only! Voters will judge how active they are when voting. Dig pics must be...
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    Pittsburgh Show - Nov 13th???

    Pittsburgh Show? I know there are a pile of diggers in the Pittsburgh area, are none of them on this forum? Not a bad show at all, have gone about every other year. PD
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    Keene, NH Show Oct 10th

    Who's going to one of the best shows in New England? Awesome show with awesome glass. I have been a few times. I am surprised nobody has brought this up yet. What about Norm's on Oct 9th in Woodstock Valley, CT? PD
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    Vulcanizing Solution-Akron Ohio

    Anbody know anything about a short (maybe 4 or 5 inch tall) dark amber crude squat type BIM bottle embossing includes VULCANIZING SOLUTION AKRON OHIO? I saw this bottle in a shop today for the first time and found it to be oddly interesting. For $5 should I grab it? PD
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    Libya, Another WTH? Bloodshed Riddle

    I was reading about the this Mustafa Abdul-Jalil who is the "head" of the National Transitional Council in Libya. His "deputy" Ali Tarhouni said "Sometimes to avoid bloodshed you must shed blood, and the faster we do this, the less blood we shed." Please explain your thoughts on this. Is it...
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    new MLK statue in DC made in China

    Seriously, I just read a report that the new 30 foot Martin Luther King statue unveiled in DC recently was made/carved in China!!! Your thoughts?
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    Joplin, MO

    Been watching the news about Joplin, MO. So sad as you know the death count will only keep climbing for probably weeks. Worst tornado to hit the mid-west since 1953 they stated. The kid (Will Norton) who had just graduated high school 30 minutes before being sucked out of a H3 his father was...
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    Toughest weather in poll

    Our small City of Bradford, PA has made it to the final round in the weather channel and's Toughest Weather contest/poll. Out of 64 cities across America, we are up against Fargo, ND for the title (if that's what you call it). Bradford, with just 8,400 people beat out Philly (1.5...
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    Rochester, NY show Arpil 17th

    Rochester, NY show April 17th? Last year was the first show I ever got a table at and left VERY happy. PD
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    Happy Birthday ham man

    Happy Birthday ham man!
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    Acker's Blood Elixer

    Dug a med earlier this morning that I have not seen before. Honey amber, sunken panel med reads "ACKER'S BLOOD ELIXER" on the side, "W.H. HOOKER & CO SOLE AGENTS NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA" on the front panel and "FOR ALL BLOOD DISEASES" on the other side. Anyone know this bottle??? The Crow...
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    Happy B-Day Joe the Crow

    Happy Birthday to "Joe the Crow." He is the great guy who got me into this sick, passionate past time 14 plus years ago. How many tons of dirt and filth have I slung/shoveled because of you? Hope you have a great one, you old Bas###d!!! You are a good, true friend and I am truly sorry that I...
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    Rochester Show

    Anybody going? Great show! Some Keene dealers are usually there. Good off season finds?

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