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    Pretty Cool Original Oil Painting of Bottles

    Original oil painting from 1973. I like how she included the air bubbles in a couple of the bottles. I am now in the process of assembling all the bottles in the painting. I don't believe any are too hard to find. Would appreciate any help identifying the ones with hidden names!
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    1900s General Store Bottle w Original Patriotic Label Hayleville AL

    I came across this recently. I have bought a lot of bottles in my life and have seen tons of generic quart bottles without labels but never one from the 1900's with its original label fully in place. I am sure they are around I just have not seen one or similar. Was curious if anyone has ever...
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    1930's Whitall Tatum 12/15 Gallon Carboy in Original Crate - crate never opened!

    At least until I opened it Monday night. I know you all have seen a lot of carboys. I bought this last weekend. At the shop I asked the owner if the crate had ever been opened and they texted the owner and said they were not aware of it ever having been opened. So I rolled the dice and bought...

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