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    PLC or LPC

    I assume that this was PLCo or LPCo even though there is no "o". Any info would be great! We just dug in New York state.
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    Geo C. Hubbel bitters

    A friend asked me to check this one out for him. Aqua cathedral bitters. Geo C. Hubbel & Co. Any idea of value? He wants to sell it.
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    I hate jars! But I do need an opinion of value.

    For those of you who do not know - I hate jars. Period. Every time I think I have found a good one, it books at $1-3. But I do like my local bottles. And jars are close to bottles. And there are a couple jars from Carlisle, Pa. But take a look at the prices, and you will know more of why I...
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    Where should I dig?

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    Ratzilla went to Sweden?

    Tom - didn't know you were such a world traveler! Family Finds 15-Inch 'Ratzilla' In Their Home A family in Sweden found a 15-inch rat, not including the tail, inside their kitchen...
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    Lip finish?

    What do you call this lip? It is tooled. Monongahela Valley from Clarion, Pa. Apparently they were in business from 1902-1916 There was just a crown top that went on FeeBay...
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    I'm back! Here's some of Josh's Christmas 2013 exchange.

    Ok. Well the old 'puter took a poop. Seems someone spilled something in it. That's the second one I lost like that and no one knows anything about it. Luckily the local computer barn was able to save my files. I've been on line some, but mostly emails and work related. But hopefully I'll...
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    Josh and my 2013 Christmas Exchange bottles

    Ok. So I am a little late getting this posted, but.... well..... (Christmas, kids, turkeys, family, stupid computer, life) And I can't seem to get the pictures from my phone to my computer, so you will all have to wait for that too! (I hate technology most of the time) BUT - THANK YOU...
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    Josh needs a Christmas exchange partner for 2013!

    [attachment=DSCN2770.jpg] Well.... Josh was the one who bugged me about my first post if we were doing a Christmas exchange for 2013. Now it seems as if there was an odd number of people signed up and Josh was the last name in the hat. For those of you who know Josh, this should not come as...
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    Ice house dump

    Ran into a really great guy at the local Hysterical Society the other night. He's a geologist and archaeologist (or however you spell them). And he metal detects. And the best part?!?! He really doesn't care much for bottles. But he knows where a lot are! Now I would prefer a privy...
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    ground penetrating radar

    I know there are those couple guys from out west, but has anyone here had personal experience with ground penetrating radar? Or something similar? Badger - did you say you know someone with one? I just can't run the probe all day like I used to. Guess I could have my hired-hand...
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    Any ideas on this?
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    FeeBay auction selling tactic

    Here's a good selling tactic: Use and old outdated price guide. Price your damaged item above what the market would pay for a VVNM example. (It's more like the whole tip an them some is missing) Be rude in you listing...
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    Of tobacco signs and old bottles

    We are doing a barn demo in central PA and the owner asked ma about these. First is a really cool tin sign that reads CHEW / POLAR BEAR / ALWAYS THE BEST I know there is a name for this type of sign, but it escapes me. Any info? More as to value? He had someone look at it and offer...
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    John Saunders Charged With Drinking $100K Worth Of Old Whiskey

    From: GREENSBURG, Pa. -- Fifty-two bottles of well-aged whiskey disappeared between his lips, police said, and now it's time for a western Pennsylvania man to settle up. John Saunders, the...
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    Sinkhole dump

    Just bought this barn.
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    Old Bottle Magazine issues needed

    Jim finally got me to go through all the OBMs he sent me. Here are the issues I need. Prefer to buy groups/sets/years as opposed to singles when I am missing runs. Thanks, Dave Anything pre 1969 (when did it start? I just put the 1969s on the bottom) 1969 January to June 1970...
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    Digging with the boys

    Well, as some of you know, I work most days 6 to 10 or so and usually a little on Sunday afternoons. Something about a mortgage, a farm, 6 kids, salvaging old buildings and life. Seems most of my digging these days gets done through other's stories on these here blue pages. Well, I had...

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