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  1. planeguy2

    Need a price estimate.

    I had already purchased a number of items and had reached my spending cap, Also milk bottles aren't really my thing.
  2. planeguy2

    Need a price estimate.

    Thanks, I was just wondering if it was really cheap, I decided against buying it.
  3. planeguy2

    Need a price estimate.

    Need a price estimate on this bottle.
  4. planeguy2

    URGENT privy question

    Not sure that would be a privy. Almost sounds like it was a well that they filled in. Do you know if it went down deeper, or did it stop two feet down?
  5. planeguy2

    CD 170s?

    I was wondering if anyone knows which company manufactured the CD 170 glass insulators. Also I am talking about the original CD 170, not the former CD 170.1s which they changed the CD number. I am also aware that they have Pennycuick pinholes if that would help anyone ID the manufacturer.
  6. planeguy2

    Found a few today........

    That O.V.G Co is nice as well as the haystack.
  7. planeguy2

    16 old Insulators Need Price .May Sell.

    My judgement without pictures is 1whitatum no1 dominion no9 clear,6 heminggray no42.42.4.,45, armstrong no2 ,armstrongno.1945 the hemingrayno.16 1893 are less than $5 dollars each, the pyrex could be worth some money and so could the pink WT. I would need pics to to give you an accurate price...
  8. planeguy2

    Favorite insulator you own.......

    CD 252.
  9. planeguy2

    Is this a date mark?

    I recently found this milk bottle on an old RR grade. The mark on the heel indicates that it was made from 1923 to the 50's, so 1927 is possible. The mark I am referring to is simply a 27. Is this a date mark like you would find on most milks or just a manufacturing mark?
  10. planeguy2

    Rare Hutch? (help)

    I was out scratching around in an antique mall yesterday and came across this hutch soda. It was on sale for 10$ so I got it because it was a nice bottle and it was local to my area. When I got back and was able to ID it on the Hutchbook website as NY 1080. I noticed that it had the "R" rarity...
  11. planeguy2

    More antique store finds.

    Here's the insulator.
  12. planeguy2

    More antique store finds.

    Went to some more shops recently, got some good bottles. First is a J.MULLINS BUFFALO N.Y hutch in clear. Second is a N.TOMPKINS BOTTLER DANSVILLE N.Y circle slug with THIS BOTTLE NOT TO BE SOLD on the back. Lastly a ROCHESTER SODA WATER CO/ROCHESTER N.Y with a star on it. It was made from 1920...
  13. planeguy2

    Recent Antique store finds, and unidentified bottle.

    Ah, this bottle must be post prohibition because the makers mark was from 1920 to 1950. Thus this bottle most likely did not hold an alcoholic beverage.
  14. planeguy2

    Recent Antique store finds, and unidentified bottle.

    I went to some antique stores recently and got some new bottles. First is a JAMES H HOLMES/AUBRUN N.Y blob top beer. Next was a W.H BRACE/AVON N.Y Hutch. According to Hutchbook this bottle is scarce and got a good deal at $18. The only bottle that I can not ID is a GAMBLE/BOTTLING...
  15. planeguy2

    Is this a pontil?

    Wondering if this is a pontil or if it is some other type of base.
  16. planeguy2

    Garage sale insulators

    Those olive and royal dimond are nice, also see some nice amber in some if those.
  17. planeguy2


    I know some glass changes color if it is put at high temperatures also some irradiation produces colors similar to that. It might not be nuked, but it could be cooked This shows possible colors of nuking/cooking of glass: Color compare of nuked/cooked glass
  18. planeguy2

    Purple Canadian Pacific Ry Co insulator on ebay

    Based on the price guide most royal 143 CanPacs sell for ~$75.
  19. planeguy2

    Color change.

    Check out how easy it is to fake a picture of a bottle or insulator on the internet. All of these pictures stemmed from the original hemingray blue insulator. Original picture is bottem insulator (least colorful one) It can be done with bottles too, but it is much harder because of the...
  20. planeguy2

    Interested in purchasing glass, porcelain, and threadless insulators $$$$

    I've got this CD 154 BROOKFIELD in aqua, price guide says 20-30 dollars Ill give it to you for $10 because it was free laying on the ground. Only damage is a small flake on the wire ridge. Message if interested. Anyone can message me if you want it.Damage close-up.

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