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    Arnprior Bottling Works - embossed bottle

    Nice looking multi segment bottle.
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    New Drugstore Bottles and Others added to collection.

    I never understood your line/rule about the "except pestle and mortar" but I'm glad your still at it. :D:D Love the HOBO!!!! I could have thought Hoboken but it's got me wondering rail rider?
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    Dr. Viertel's blackroot honey?

    And he's buried at the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond City along with 124 other Archers.
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    Steamer Schnapps

    Hartevelt's brand'd been around forever, don't know about the bottle.
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    Benzer Car Vase? & Doyle's Original

    Don't go by ebay's 7 or ten day or running forever, it probably won't be there. You need a car auction house that specializes in antique cars. I doubt the backward z means much in this case.
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    W.E. McClain Cocoanut Oil

    Excuse the translation. This FROM FUNLONHISTORY.COM and the Philly Inq. 1860. Column 4 toward the bottom And from HAIRRAISINGSTORIES.COM One of the best sites around. He may like to add it if your so inclined. E. MCCLAIN'S COCOANUT OIL AND • guinea Seed. It will euro Dandruff...
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    Dr. Viertel's blackroot honey?

    Apparently a cold remedy sold only wholesale and groceries. Interesting. FROM 1907. "Grocers will be interested in the original plan inaugurated by the Dr. Edmund Viertel Laboratories of Detroit, to market their well established remedy, Black Root Honey. Instead of selling it through drug...
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    B.T. Archer & Co.

    Ahh, first name was Branch and he passed away in 1905. You have to get through the OCR errors. "OBITUARY. Branch T. Archer. Mr. Branch T. Archer died at his resi? dence, No. 112 West Orneo Street, yester? day afternoon after a suddenly acute Ill? ness, though ho had been In falling health for...
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    B.T. Archer & Co.

    Not much of anything and I sure wish I could at least find a first name but on a different approach with Leon's post. Merry Christmas in July! RICHMOND. VA., THURSDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 25, 1873.
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    Help identify 2 jar lids

    I'm not sure about any specific markings but the September 24th 1872 points to RB 1749-53 or so.
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    Carter's Ink with pour spout, olive green

    Very nice! I don't know if I'd call it olive, reminds me at the top of some later Lockport bottles but that may be the lighting and graphic on my computer.
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    Orillia Dairy company Half Pint Milk bottle

    All hypothetical but maybe they wanted there own dates for they're records since Dominion wasn't well known to do it themselves. The ebay was maybe a year earlier or something. How prolific was the dairy?
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    Aquired this bottle. Having trouble finding out any information about its history. An

    Stoneware, you tell me. English, doubtful, more likely Asian, fairly modern and I have no idea of purpose.
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    Can't Find Anything On It

    Quick search comes out as ... J. R. FRANCIS, 40 Loomis Street. Chicago. Illinois. Pine Cone Liniment for Emergencies. Have a bottle in the house. From Maine Spiritualist Directory.
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    Old Ball Jar

    Everything that was made with a threaded neck was made in a full height mold, sometimes blown by mouth, sometimes machine made, the presence of a ground mouth does not say which. Yours with the suction scar and offset seam says machine made. You can't say for sure what year it was made in but...
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    "Success to the Railroad" Light Blue Flask

    Hello and welcome. That will sound an odd statement soon but please read on. In common aqua the originals aren't worth a great deal anyway. How good a friend is this person that you put bottle worth over friendship? Life is short (believe me) and if you value the friendship, give it forward...
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    E coudray and other bottle

    The first is a fairly common medicine type form from about 1860-70 I'd say based the bottom hinge mold and lack of pontil. Coudray was/is a perfumer and while I can't gauge the dimensions, I'm thinking possibly smelling salts. If larger, than I'm guessing. a lotion orr maybe a small sample type...
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    New and Intrigued :-)

    There is a name for those those 2 and 3 opening bottles but I'll be damned if I can remember it now. I think they were industrial for separating vapor and water or something. Like a still thing or the separators used in modern air compressors. I'm not sure.
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    I stumbled across a nehi bottle

    Is that you Kelly?

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