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  1. embe

    Ebay Seller scam?

    Perhaps the winning snipe bidder didn't follow through with payment, hence re-listing? Did you try to message the seller directly? Sure if this was the case he should have contacted the next-closest bidder...certainly seems fishy... but there are a lot of odd people out there and logic need...
  2. embe

    New soda bottle pickups

    nice shape, agreed on the Pepsi
  3. embe

    Canada diamond Cokes!

    Wow, nice shape
  4. embe

    Heres my collection so far.

    Nice, I'd be interested in seeing some more pics of the bottles with embossed company names/locations
  5. embe

    GOBBLE GOBBLE , Anyone up for what is it.

    Pretty sure that's a damper for an old wood stove (goes in the stove pipe)
  6. embe

    Was this a beer bottle?

    Looks like it might have been in a fire near a ceiling (heat rises)
  7. embe

    Storage shed find

    Nice, what's the top of the green one look like?
  8. embe

    My weird bottle of the week-

    Is that a ground lip? Pretty sure Canada Dry didn't have anything but crowntops (but would be interested to be proven wrong)
  9. embe

    Can you identify? Part 2.

    Seems kind of counter-intuitive to have an insulator made of metal? If not an insulator, is it some kind of cleat from a dock for tying off your boat?
  10. embe

    Toasted bottles

    Yeah, maybe an art project or something. Although bottle collectors might not see much value in them, there might be somebody inspired to repurpose or do something with them.
  11. embe

    Hello from Ontario Canada!

    Welcome to the site, I've noticed a couple other Ontarians around. If you only have 4 bottles, you've got a lot of room to add to your collection, which is a good thing, right?
  12. embe

    Picked up Killer Rare Bottle.

    Cool, but now I'm curious how many other bottling works a small obscure town would have supported? Haven't really thought about it before
  13. embe

    Advice on finding railroad dumps?

    Not sure what the laws are in your area but most railway property is private and punishable by law. Especially if it's active. Not being critical, just a heads up from a safety perspective. And I imagine most stuff tossed off trains got the old random heave-ho.
  14. embe


    Neat tray. Wouldn't get away with it nowadays with Papa Bear two-fisting it, etc. etc. I mean what kind of example is that to set for your cubs?
  15. embe

    Most common things (other than bottles) found on digs

    I enjoy reading the experiences you all have while digging. And not being a digger myself, wondered if there are things that show up more often than not in bottle dumps: marbles, coins, ceramic dolls, etc. It makes sense they haven't decomposed yet (compared to other refuse of the time). Or...
  16. embe

    New honey hole found

    Like the green one, did a bit of research (you may have already done so) but if it saves you some legwork. From
  17. embe

    Crystal Cottage...the 128-year-old brick structure...features more than 330 old bottles incorporated into the brickwork

    Read this in the news today and thought it was kinda neat, might check it out sometime.
  18. embe

    Recognizing our members with disabilities.

    Have you tried any social assistance programs or hospitals in your area? Sounds like you're going through a tough time and they might be better equipped to make that journey a bit easier. Stay strong. When dealing with tough times, I recall song lyrics to the tune of "suck it up, tough it...
  19. embe

    Neck fragment, is this design called a "double ring"?

    Found this today, lots of other broken glass in the area but this is the only one that *might* be identifiable, since it's a neck. I figured mid-century bleach or something like that, but the closest thing I could find online at referred a similar design as a "double ring"? Any input...

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