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    Looking for arsenic, mercury and lithium poison or medicine bottles

    What timeframe? Only blown bottles or would you be interested in Lilly and Merck bottles? Also where are you located? Mailing large numbers of full bottles with some poisons/chemicals is never something I like to do
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    Crazy is not the word for it.

    I get them Non stop on my phone
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    Pepper Sauce Bottle

    Cologne as stated above
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    Is this genuine not modern repop?

    It’s a doozy - love it
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    Is this genuine not modern repop?

    100% authentic - great find and Youll have no issue selling it if you’re interested. It’s a Jenny Lind scroll flask - very rare
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    More early tin signs! Cardui, Snider's Catsup, etc.!

    Just don’t forget that eBay will send you a 1099k eventually and then Uncle Sam will be knocking
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    Can you identify?

    Here is a response from a buddy who collects insulators The one on the left is a porcelain neon light insulator and the glass in a CD 115 exchange. Both are worth about $5 each.
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    More early tin signs! Cardui, Snider's Catsup, etc.!

    Dude you’re spending more money one cool antiques than you are on tuition !!! great finds
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    Lafayette script aqua jar

    can you post a pic? The badge style lid is going to cost you $100
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    Luckiest guy in the world

    I think we’d all kill for that type of luck. Maybe he will tell you where he found them and take you with him one day
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    New treasures scored at an auction/estate sale!

    Some great finds - the book is killer for sure
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    Strange glass lid ?

    Any patent dates on it? If not I suspect just a product lid similar to the bowkers poison lids
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    Newbie looking for info on some old bottles?

    Digger Odell had one listed years ago as a Pennsylvania eye water bottle. It also looks like the Masonic eye and people have called it a Masonic soda or eye wash bottle. Date -I’d say 1870-1890
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    Finally! Bottle show treasures-2 years later!

    It’s a condiment bottle - some labels I’ve seen have shown catsup and others peppersauces. My guess is whatever the buyer needed it to be
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    Odd aluminum snap cap.

    I’d also be curious if it could be related to fruit jars somehow. Plenty if tin and off metal lids out there
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    Selling my collection

    Ok I only have a few pontiled bottles from Ny - few nice blobs and embossed straps
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    Selling my collection

    What type of NY bottles? Blobs, strap sides? Etc?
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    Glass Gallon Smile Soda Bottle (for sale)

    Please send me some pics and a price

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