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    Applied neck? And what was it- I’m guessing utility bottle?

    Agreed on Europe. They definitely were slower to switch to the ABM. Jim G
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    Bottles with humorous sayings

    Love the "try it" bottle. Never seen that one before. Sitting in a bar that would have been quite the challenge... Jim G
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    Applied neck? And what was it- I’m guessing utility bottle?

    I second CanadianBottles that it's apothecary. Late 1800s. Is the inside of the neck ground? Can you tell having tumbled it? These often came with a ground neck and a glass stopper. And yes, they seem to have been pontiled much past when most other products were no longer being...
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    Is this genuine not modern repop?

    I've always loved the lyre mold Jenny Linds. So much more interesting than the basic calabash. Jim G
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    bitters or whiskey

    Believe they sold liquor of various sorts in a few different containers. My mom had a cobalt cylinder with the same embossing only horizontal on the shoulder. Traded it for a good ink many years ago. It was a great window bottle that we dug locally back in the 70s.
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    Is this genuine not modern repop?

    The iron pontil is a dead giveaway that it's the real Mccoy. I know of no repro with an iron pontil. Don't know what it's worth but it's not a common one and you sure as heck are going to recoup your dollar. Jim G
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    Glass shard identification.

    To me that looks maybe burned over... Jim G
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    New treasures scored at an auction/estate sale!

    The big carter's master is nice. That's an older label... Jim G
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    PLC or LPC

    The seal bottle doesn't look American to me. That lip is more euro or British than American. Jim G
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    Violin Bottle with off set trade mark

    Ruin no. Probably make more interesting to a violin bottle collector? Likely. Jim G
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    Holy bologna, that's a good one!

    Nice crude lip and looks like a fairly dark teal. Jim G
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    Gowdy’s Medicated Beer Brooklyn N.Y.

    I thought all beer was medicinal... Jim G
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    Owl Drug Co.

    "Florida water" style owl drug? Interesting. I'm guessing that's not a common owl drug form, but I don't collect owl drug so I may be wrong. I just don't remember seeing one before. Jim G
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    Cobalt chemical?

    X2 Agreed. Sorry. Jim G
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    Yellowish Inkwell

    Either English or Continental teakettle ink. A very nice one. Jim G
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    Stoddard, or not stoddard?

    Color is certainly consistent with Stoddard. Definitely an old New England glass house. Jim G
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    Gramatan Springs / Bronxville, NY

    FYI your attachment worked/opened fine. Very cool. Jim G
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    My Son's Metal Detecting Finds-Any Ideas

    Any chance for an old civil war encampment? I don't think the pinfire cartridge weapons were common much after the civil war. Once center fire and rimfire cartridges hit the market everything else fell by the wayside pretty quickly. Jim G
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    I just went out for a walk!

    The Perine Guyot shows up with some frequency East Coast US. Dad actually has one that's had a staffords label applied. Jim G
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    Any potential?

    The medicine is 1900 or earlier, so age wise, yes, there's potential. Jim G

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