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    another nuked bottle As I can't get the picture to come up stand-alone, I'll describe it. It WAS a clear house ink, one of the square ones with embossed windows and doors. This one is a real shame, in that it's a $100...
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    olive green kellys old cabin goes BIG on ebay!

    Anyone see this one go for almost 29K on the bay?
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    "topaz" umbrella. Color altered? The seller also has an owl drug that looks like it's probably not original color to me. This ink just looks too much like the UV altered bottles that we see. If it IS color altered, someone is...
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    The latest color altered bottle It looks great, except this seller has a ton of color altered stuff, so you HAVE to be suspect. I've seen the davids in aqua, amber and teal green, but not in these more subtle, lighter colors. I'm not...
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    more nuking of ink bottles

    This guy doesn't seem to sell anything that he hasn't put through some sort of uv alteration process. This is about the only one of his bottles showing...
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    More irradiation.

    This seller has some unique colors on ebay right now. The one that caught my eye was this light light blue cone below. However, upon...
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    broken umbrella ink Honest to god, do people actually believe this stuff? "Made to fit an inkwell"? You can see part of the neck that they weren't able...
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    worst made ink bottle ever? [attachment=ink.jpg] Sorry the picture off ebay is so small. This thing is all messed up, but it does appear to have been in the making, and not after a fire or something. Looks...
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    canning jar on ebay. Nuked?

    Link. I don't know squat about canning jars, but the color seems very odd. Obviously from the bidding, one or more people want it. Is it a nuked color...
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    dog river glass

    Not everyone reads the repros section of the forum, and not everyone will look at a posting for old sachem. Dog River Glass is back, and they have repros from a wide spectrum of what we all collect, including whiskeys that look really good, a couple of umbrella inks in color that are bound to...
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    Quote of the day "The bottle is in excellent condition. It has an unusual, shortened top which is very smooth and dramatic looking". Yeah, cut off at...
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    natural glass color or SC amethyst? These folks, over the last month, have sold some of the most amazing colors of cone ink, for some of the highest money probably ever paid for simple cone inks...
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    two nice VT pontils on the bay

    I Newton's Panacea Smith's Green Mountain Renovator...
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    Windsor VT label bitters, suspicious label I'm always watching for VT bottles for Mom's collection. The bottle is pretty right for the label, but the label doesn't look right to me. It's too smooth around the edges, and it's been put onto a...
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    "Pitkin" = repro? Am I right that this looks wrong for an original in several ways, including the very strong swirls at the base, the solid rod pontil etc? Or is this a really good very light amber original? Jim G
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    An obvious reproduction Beware of these. I was underbidder on an identical label a week or so ago, but that bottle was old, pontiled and sort of a stoddardy olive amber that looked correct...
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    48 rib blown inkwell Mexican? It just doesn't look right to me. Jim G
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    Cobalt? iron pontiled master ink On "the bay". Is this right? I've never that I can recall seen a cobalt iron pontiled bottle. Is there any risk this is an altered aqua master/utility? Jim G
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    Gross and Robinson's Ink Lust is a very bad thing this time of year... cannot afford to lust... must resist... Kungfufighter, you sold a couple of slightly larger ones of these about a year ago. Any chance you'd email...
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    Young's Pure Malt? US Hosp Dept? Thought this one was interesting enough to watch and post here. Is the seller correct that this is "Young's Pure Malt"? It's embossed YPM and sure looks a lot like a US Army Hosp Dept...

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