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    Possible laboratory dropper bottle?

    I am so curious to find out what this bottle may have been used for and what type of closure it's called. Never seen one like this before. Bottle is clear, round and small. Marked on the bottom to hold 1 oz., made in the U.S.A., has an A in a circle to indicate Armstrong Cork Co., probably made...
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    Anybody recognize this mark?

    Anyone know anything about this bottle mark and bottle?
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    Here are 2 more images of condiment jar

    I wasn't able to post these with my previous post, but they might be helpful
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    Does anyone recognize this condiment jar?

    This jar is 6-sided (faceted) AND curved with wood grain texture impressed on it. I'm so curious to know what it was for and how old it may be. I can't find another example of it anywhere. It looks like it has the numbers 715096 on the bottom and a few other letters I'm not quite sure of.

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