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    What the hell is this ?

    most old tiles were made like the small ones from 3 inches up a lot of dug wells had larger ones in them
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    u-savit speas jar

    I know there are two different version, down near the bottom is smaller and the dots in the panels are slighty larger so which is the oldest version?? lot of half gallons and gallons were broke drilling holes in them to make lamps
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    Can anyone tell me about this jug?

    its called splatter paint and looking at the finish and the crazy marks on bottom it appears to be made in the last 15 years, $20 jug
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    Ok lid experts what's this amber lid go on ?

    for what i can make out it goes on a old lollaird snuff jar, that lid takes a wire band type that twist to tighten it up and the helmes takes a band type amber lids are nice to have
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    Mason's patent Nov. 30th 1858 and has an eagle on back

    those came up to 6 gallon in the late 60's up thru the 90's-- found in bars and package stores where you come buy a single dill pickle, came clear and blue tint
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    also have a clear embossed orange crush clear bottle from tifton, ga. 7 ounce --what year did they go to amber
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    I recent acquired a red rock bottle, ridged on the sides embossed red rock company and can"t find what year it is. bottle was made by chattanooga glass and 7 1/2 OUNCES on bottom don't know what year they went to the acl labels
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    New Mystery item

    gas bowl to seperate water and particulars on old tractors
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    Finds in a $5 Box of Bottles

    lucky buy***** you can't dig them that cheap
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    Rogers Golden Syrup Perfect Seal

    very nice jar, perfect seal made several jars for different companies plus their own line of canning jars, hope you didn't leave any more at the garage sale
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    Number 13

    I set up at tradedays often and usually have around 40 different names and sizes jars, but it is funny that the people like the #13 in the ball blue perfect masons. They will not buy the other brands with #13 on them. Been carry a wire clamp victor #13 for over a year and no one interested in...
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    Stone Fizz

    I also have one that has patent applied for on the bottom, but on the front/back it has chatt 21 so I guess this was made right before the patent was approved ????

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