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    Found this bottle today. A[attachment=securedownload.jpg] bout the size of a mineral water. Any idea on value or rarity?
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    early carters ink

    Just wondering if this thing is useless or if I should use it as a trader. Came from a privy that had several 1858 masons, a winslows, warners, majors rubber cement.....mostly late 70's-mid 80's. The lip has an in making flaw and I will get a shot of that later if it's even worth doing so.
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    jar lids

    What kind of value do milkglass jar lid liners have? I'm not talking about a Boyds but the more uncommon stuff like Nail City liners and the Masons with the Tudor Rose on them. I'm getting quite a few of these stacked on my shelf if they look nice and was just wondering if i should continue to...
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    a few from my digging

    So far this year i have dug a pint jar full of marbles out of privies and trash pits. 90% of them are Bennington, china, and clay but a good number are glass. These are a few marbles from my digging. although I've been studying marbles a little, i cant figure these ones out. Any help is...
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    Tooled crown top CONGRESS SPRINGS bottle

    I recently found this in Michigan with many bottles dating from 1880-1910 but the E.H.E. CO. mark tells me it predates 1904. The neck is very crooked and is only base embossed CONGRESS SPRING CO SS N.Y. any ideas????
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    Michigan beers

    Anyone have any Michigan beers for sale or trade. Its been a while since ive picked any up. If they are from Marshall they have to go to Todd (bleedingfingers) first. If you have anything post some pics or contact me via P.M. and i will give you my phone number. Common, Scarce, Rare. It...
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    1 white painted china and 3 benningtons

    I know the benningtons are primarily worthless but any idea of rarity on the china marble? It has black and red painted circles all the way around. Id say its barely over a half inch and is glazed. Rather good condition as well.
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    Heinz standard quality pepper sauce bottle

    Went to Saginaw to dig a privy we previously probed but was full of water thanks to the 7 or more inches of rain we received. Ive seen a good number of different Heinz bottles but never this one. It reads: HEINZ'S STANDARD QUALITY. It stands around 7" tall and is aqua with an odd tooled lip...
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    So today my fiance got home from a little road trip to Grand Rapids with her friends. During this trip one of her friends decided to talk religion. This young lady (25-26 years old) decided to tell her that the world is close to its end and some anti christ is soon to rule the entire world. She...
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    olive amber ball jar 1/2 gal.

    looking for more info and a value for this olive ball jar. underlined 3 on base with darker striations throughout the jar. few bubbles. half gallon size with no damage anywhere. the base has excellent striations which swirl around the entire base.
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    hahaha north koreans...... the video speaks for itself. Just to inform everyone i prefer the taste of sparrow to that of pigeon. So just leave a couple pigeons for me.
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    Thank you DIGGIN DOC for the inspiration on this one with your mock magazine cover. Who thinks it may be a good idea to get a new bottle magazine going? I would think it would be an idea that could be entertained. Obviously we would have DIGGIN DOC to make the covers for us [:D] Many...
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    lets hear some michigan digging stories

    Ive been digging in Michigan since i was a kid. Now 25 I can drive to anywhere I want to go. I dont know what its like everywhere else but here we have 3 dying big cities within 60 miles of one another and it makes it very easy to find good spots, as long as you dont mind the gang ridden...
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    any michiganders recognize the citrate in the pic???

    got these two bottles today. the one i inquire about is the SCHOTTS CENTRAL DRUG STORE SAGINAW MICH. never seen or heard of one and it is identical in size and shape to a citrate of magnesia bottle leading me to believe it is just that. As a saginaw collector and researcher, this is one ive...
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    michigan beer bottles wanted

    im looking to buy (or trade for) quart size michigan blob beer bottles especially those in nice colors like greens, light ambers, citron, and bue. let me know what you have. thanks Nic
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    bottle not to be sold or traded

    im looking for a bottle, preferably from michigan, which on the back reads THIS BOTTLE NOT TO BE SOLD OR TRADED. i have dug broken bottles in bay city and saginaw which say these exact words but i have yet to find any name or slug plate on one. does anyone have an example they would like to...
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    kinda cool sorta bottle related

    dont know how old this article is, but, its very cool to look at and read what happened.
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    tear jerker
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    acl's wayyyy out of my realm

    anyone have any ideas on these 3?
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    why does no one use this little smiley guy???? ----> [>:] i think he is cute and im going to give him a come back.

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