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  1. Wadersmith

    Louisiana slug plate bottles wanted

    On the look out for Louisiana bottles, preferably slug plate or hutch. You can either contact me here about it or on my Instagram @the_antique_treasure_hunter Much obliged!
  2. Wadersmith

    Caddo Bottling Co.

    Currently looking for any Caddo Bottling Co. Bottles of any kind
  3. Wadersmith

    Looking for any dumps in Caddo parish

    Right now I’m on the hunt for a good dump in caddo parish Louisiana, specifically around the Vivian/Shreveport areas. Any help or information would be appreciated
  4. Wadersmith

    Chero-cola bottling map

    Not complete yet by a long shot. But here’s my map of the chero-cola bottling places known, or places where chero cola bottles are from. Just started this week and been adding to it. Don’t know how much I got left to add but I know it’s a bunch
  5. Wadersmith

    Cottonport Louisiana / La

    Does anyone know of any Cottonport Louisiana bottles, up until yesterday I did not know they existed so I was wondering if anyone owns one. The one I bought is a cher-cola slug plate but I just want to see any other bottle from there.
  6. Wadersmith

    Tuskegee Alabama slug plate chero-cola wanted

    Looking for a slug plate Tuskegee Alabama Chero-cola, while I have one chero-cola from Tuskegee I have yet to see a slug plate from there that wasn't broken beyond repair.
  7. Wadersmith

    Gehlings brewery fall city Nebraska beer bottle

    I got this one bottle from Gehling’s brewery from falls city Nebraska. The company only had a run of 7 years from 1907 to 1914 (sorry haven’t taken any good pictures of it yet) but if I was to sell this how much would you think it should go for?
  8. Wadersmith

    Louisiana Chero-Cola Wanted

    I am currently on the hunt for chero cola from Louisiana, the only ones I have are a straight side Shreveport one and an ACL West Monroe one, which could use an upgrade. Id be much obliged to anyone who does have one who can send me a answer/reply. I know the following towns had them...
  9. Wadersmith

    Cher-cola bottling

    Does anyone know where the old chero-cola bottling plant would be located in Shreveport La?
  10. Wadersmith

    Any good digging sites in Vivian/Shreveport areas

    Are there any good bottles around the Shreveport/Oil City/Vivian area
  11. Wadersmith

    Are there any good digging spot in Around Vivian/Shreveport

    Looking for dumps in or around the Vivian, Oil City and Shreveport areas
  12. Wadersmith

    Vivian Ice

    Recently came into possession of this one not to long ago and man am I proud of it. I don’t have any information yet cause I haven’t gotten around to researching it. It’s broke at the lip, which I don’t know why didn’t take pictures of that, but it’s still beautiful and one of my first. Also if...
  13. Wadersmith

    Vivian La bottles

    I am currently on the hunt for anyone who has and is willing to sale or trade a bottle from Vivian La.
  14. Wadersmith

    Purple Cherro Cola bottle

    Now I realize the bottle could have easily been nuked but granted I like the purple color of it. But that’s not why I posted this, I have knowledge on the background of Cherro cola just not any different types or designs of bottles. This stuck out to me mainly because of the way the name is put...
  15. Wadersmith

    Any information on this Circle A Brand embossed bottle?

    I am in another similar situation to my straight sided coke with this one. Now I’ve got more information on it than my coke but I would like to know if anyone here knows anything about it, and if there are any books or such I should look into purchasing or reading to help me in my researches?
  16. Wadersmith

    Any information on this straight side coke

    All I know so far is it’s from Deming NM and information on the bottling company but that’s where my information ends. I’d be much obliged if anyone has any information on it

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