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    Booze Bottle

    The Clevenger brothers bought the original molds from Whitney Glass Works, so even though your bottle never held whiskey, it is from the same bottle mold. The Repros marked 'CB' were made by Jim Travis who bought the business after the last Clevenger brother retired. I don't know for sure...
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    New Jersey bottle

    It is a good bottle, just very common for a Hutch.
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    I think this one is pretty rare..

    Sorry, I posted that too soon. If it was not made there, it would have The American Glass Works at Pittsburg, Pa. They went out of business in 1905. Is your bottle machine made or hand finished? That should tell you which plant made it.
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    I think this one is pretty rare..

    Your bottle was most likely blown by The American Glass Works who had plants at Richmond, Va, and Paden City, W. Va. between 1908 and 1935.
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    Any ideas what this is?

    I have heard it called "Moses in the Bullrushes". Not sure if it was a nip or a nurser, but it is a good one'
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    Ebay Seller scam?

    I stopped looking at E-Bay years ago because of the scammers and bad descriptions. More fun at Bottle Shows anyway, and you can see what you are buying. Do you follow any of the on-line bottle auctions?
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    That oval ring on the base is the mark of an early Automatic Bottle Machine. As the ABM machines were improved those rings disappeared. That is how we know it was early 1900s. When Prohibition was repealed in 1933 hard liquor bottles were required to be marked 'Federal Law Prohibits the sale...
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    One of a kind?? Blown by Anchor-Hocking, 9-41

    I found this some years ago, sorry I can't remember where or when. It is the quart, post prohibition, Hiram Ricker mold flashed with marigold with a silver beard. The "Expert" at the Poland Springs Museum claims it doesn't exist, but I believe it to be a prototype for a special issue ( like the...
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    One of a kind?? Blown by Anchor-Hocking, 9-41

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    My first 'nut.

    Congratulations! Every collector should have at least one.
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    Not a bottle but......

    Great find, Its the go-withs that make a collection !
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    Just wondering!

    Any bottle with a name and address embossed on it would be of value to someone who collects that locality, be it city, county or state. Also of value to a collector of the type (soda, mineral, water, etc) Value varies widely with the number of collectors and the amount of bottles available...
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    What is this? Pontil mark?

    Seams are a poor identifier for age. My opinion is that they are determined by the quality and age of the mold. In the case of mold blown bottles, the skill of the gaffer would also be a factor. Also if it was an applied or a tooled top. That is my opinion, I'm sure there are other opinions...
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    Does UV light help with determining the age of a bottle ?

    The roots of the Nazi party go back to right after WW I. There were very hard times in Germany and the Nazis played on that until they were strong enough to take over the government completely in the 1930s. They blamed their problems on Jews and other minorities.
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    What is this? Pontil mark?

    Not a pontil mark, just a ripple in the glass.
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    Birch beer

    Yes, I have tasted it and it is similar to root beer, but with a distinct difference. It has been quite a while since I have seen it. I thought it was very good at the time.
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    Hunyadi Janos mineral water

    They are a cool looking old bottle and look way more valuable than they actually are.
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    What is a realistic price on this english black glass??

    Contact one of the major bottle auctions like American Glass Gallery or Norman Heckler. They have the knowledge and clientele to get you the top price. If that is as good as I think it is, you will come out ahead even after paying the commission.
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    What is a realistic price on this english black glass??

    Contact one of the Bottle Auctions like American Glass Gallery or Heckler and see what they think. Some of those go for well over $400. I can't tell the difference, but the serious collectors can.
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    Can you identify? Part 2.

    It is an insulator, but I'm not sure what for. (Power lines. telegraph, etc). It would help if there was something in the picture showing size.

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