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    Can you identify? Part 2.

    I was wondering if anybody could identify this? It is metal.
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    Can you identify?

    Looking for identification or information on the insulator on the left. I have been looking for things on the internet but can find anything. So I figured I would turn to the collectors here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    A few new ones!

    So I was able to score a few new insulators. A Hawley CD112 that I had been wanting. Then these two I had never seen before. The first one is a U-399B Loop Insulator and the Pinco that I have no clue anything about and still looking for information. I had to share though.
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    A few more to share.......

    So last week was my birthday and it was also my mom's as well. So this past Saturday we got together to celebrate. My mom and dad surprised me with some pretty neat insulators that I had to share.
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    Birthday insulators

    For my birthday yesterday my kids each gave me an insulator and they couldn't have been happier. They got some pretty neat ones for me and I love them and had to share.
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    Embossing question

    I saw this Hemingray 12.or CD 113 and was wondering about the embossing of numbers. What would these be classified as? I had not every seen any embossing like it.
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    Gotta share 2 more.

    I hadn't gotten anything in a while but I talked with a gentleman yesterday who said he had a box of insulators and said he would let me look at them. So he brought the box with 20 or so insulators and picked up a couple I did not have and wanted to share. This one is like a peanut butter...
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    Cool Hemingray No. 12 /cd 113

    My dad gave me this one the other day. I think it is pretty cool and had to share. It is a purple tint to it as well as another HE under Hemingray and a circle around the N in No. So I had to share.
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    I was given these by my dad. I am use to seeing Joselyn on all of them but one had a TRIANGLE M on it. Which I had never seen before. So I figured I would share.
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    Cool find.......

    Yesterday I stopped by a place I've never been before. As I was looking around I found this guy. As I got to looking at him I realized one I didn't have this and at 2 there was some extra print on the side. If you look closely at the third and fourth pictures you will see right above the H.G...
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    Made in England

    I had to go get a flat tire fixed yesterday and stopped by an antique store while out. While I was there I found this LNER insulator. This is my first foreign one so I had to share. It even came with the bracket.
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    Porcelain color rarity.......

    Is there certain colors that are harder to find or more rare than others? I have seen brown, blue, light blue, green, light green, and yellow. I just have no clue on the colors.
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    I had to share. This is the only clear plastic insulator I have ever seen. I have seen the black ones but never clear. I know they aren't too desirable but I thought it would look cool in the collection. I now need to get a black one to go with this one. Feel free to share yours.
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    Check this out.......

    For Father's day my parents got me this awesome shirt. It combines two of my favorite things Bigfoot and Insulators.
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    Hemingay backwards 42 for Father's Day.

    So for every birthday and every Father's day my kids make cards. This year I got a Hemingay 42 with a backwards 2 and a spelling error on the front of my card. I thought it was great and had to share! You can definitely tell wer talk about insulators.
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    Guy wire insulator.......

    I picked up this guy wire insulator the other day and thought it was pretty cool. I don't know much about them. So are there ones that are rarer to find than other? Any place that has anymore info on them? It is 5 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches across the top and bottom.
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    I am seeking opinions on what this is. I am thinking it is a transformer bushing. I don't know if anybody else knows but I thought I would ask.
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    What company........

    Does this symbol belong to? I thought it was a LAPP apparently it is not.
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    New to me.....

    I went to pick up a fishing license today and noticed the antique store next door was open do I decided to stop by there. As I was walking through this guy caught my eye. My first thought was another CD 145. Then looking closer I noticed a star on each side and a pointed top. I hadn't seen one...
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    My son.......

    My son who is 8 years old likes to collect some of the same things I do. He has started a little insulator collection of his own. Over the weekend I got a call from him and he was at an antique store and there was a lot of insulators. We were telling and I asked him what they had his response...

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