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    Dagnino's Olive Oil

    Pulled this tody. DAG-NI-NO'S EXTRA NO. 1 OLIVE OIL It has a spout. I think it's an applied lip. I'm still unsure what the difference is between tooled and applied. Anyone have an idea of age on this one? Thanks!
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    J. Yoffe Boston

    Pulled this yesterday. Aqua machine-made (maybe early?). J. Yoffe 447 Harrison Ave 1 Pt. 12 Fl. Oz. Boston, Mass. Has anyone seen one before? Probably no value but it's pretty. At this point I'll take anything with words on it and a little color! I'd like an approximate date, if possible...
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    Finally, Some Color, But......

    Boy, I'm sick of pulling clear slicks! Got some broken color today- embossed even! Oh well. Can someone put a date to this slug plate for me? Probably tough without more to work with. Could find nothing online about the company. MS Ayer & Co. Wholesale Grocers Boston Mass USA Hopefully there is...
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    Please ID Jelly Jar (?)

    I would think it's a jelly. Am I close? Also thought I'd show a Queen canning jar I found nearby.
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    Please Date 2 Bottles & Lid

    Dug these today. Aqua 10-sided with a wide mouth, and a diamond-shaped clear, also has a rather wide mouth. If I'm not mistaken they have applied finishes. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I think I'm in an older area. Also found a nice aqua canning jar lid. It says "Pat'd Jan 5 75" on one edge...
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    Two of Today's Finds

    A 1/2 pint I found laying on the bed of a brook, and a 16-panelled pitcher that I dug from the usual spot.. Sad that the bottle has 2 flash cracks, but I believe it is the oldest thing I've found to date! Any suggestions on cleaning inside at the shoulders? We've had tons of rain and the small...
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    Old West Bottles

    Has anyone ordered a probe from Old West? I ordered one online last Friday and never received any type of confirmation from them. I did get a paypal receipt, but it's nice when the company acknowledges your order and gives you an approximate ship date. Just wondering.
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    Deluca 3-Sided

    Not sure what the contents were. Strange thing is, the embossing is a mirror image. I tried to look through the reverse to read it, but the shape made it impossible. Finally just held it up to a mirror: DELUCA Reg. Pat. 2 OZ. Any info appreciated. Can't find anything on the company. Add...
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    Just dug my first ink! Waterman's with a lot of character. Complete with air bubbles and what looks to be a crack, but I'm pretty excited. I'd like for someone to date this for me. Thanks, Steve
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    How to Dig Test Holes

    I am in need of some advice as to how I go about digging test holes. How far down do you guys usually go, and how wide? I hit hard packed sand at about 9". I usually don't go deeper because I haven't found anything at that depth. The bottles I am finding are only about 4-6 inches down.
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    Would This Have Had a Pontil?

    I found this very close to the surface in another area not far from where I've been digging. I'd like some thoughts from you guys as to age and possibly what it contained. I found some shards which appear to be from the same bottle. Thanks! add: The second pic appears to show a seam, but it's...
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    Double-Mold? Please Educate Me

    Hi Guys, A lot of the bottles and jars I've been unearthing have mold seams through the body that end at or about the shoulder, and seams that come down from the lip that end maybe a little below the shoulder. They are 2 distinct seams, in some cases almost 1/4" apart. They don't connect at all...
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    Wine Bottle

    Hi Guys, I dug this a while back. My question, besides approximate age, is, do wine bottles generally follow the same guidelines as far as applied or tooled finishes go? This one has a prominent mold seam which seems to fade out above the shoulder. The markings on the base are: N & Co 1787...
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    Maybe Heading in the Right Direction

    Hi Guys, I've been digging a spot on my property for a while now. Tons of shards, and the full ones I've pulled are primarily 1920s-'50s. I'm also finding stuff like drinking glasses, and a lot of broke china, as well as broken crockery. Yesterday was a bit more encouraging. I dug a Wyeth &...
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    Identify Applied Lip Found Today

    Hi Guys, I think I found a pretty old one today. Maybe you can help educate me. I think I am on top of a bottle dump on my property here in Kingston, Mass. I found this along with a broken stoneware jug. I got the very nice top to the jug and a portion of the side which has blue lettering on it...
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    Just Started Digging

    Hi Guys, I just bought a four acre property with a brook in Massachusetts. My father and I have been doing some detecting and general digging. So far, we have found 2 bottles, one from the brook, and the other (pictured), Dad dug in the woods. That's the one I'm seeking any info on in this post...

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