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  1. Cola-Coca

    Geo. Rutter

    That Rutter blob made me thirsty lol. Cheers!
  2. Cola-Coca

    Something To Be thankful for!!!!!

    Well done ROBBYBOBBY. Looks great!
  3. Cola-Coca

    Coca-Cola Miniature Bottles - 2.5" MetalCraft etc.

    Here's an ACL mini. It was full of Coke, but the contents evaporated. ?
  4. Cola-Coca

    Prescription 1000 bottle

  5. Cola-Coca

    J.W. Ransley

    Nice blob! Looks green in the pics though.?
  6. Cola-Coca

    Seilheimer hackensack, nj

    Those glasses are really nice, fancy!
  7. Cola-Coca

    Aluminum bottles!

    You are correct! The Colt 45 was manufactured without a pull tab and is still full. The Pabst is printed upside down. My only 2 error cans.
  8. Cola-Coca

    Quick dig at the new spot today only 1 bottle but one I didnt have !!!

    Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, LOL. So crudely embossed, it's really cool!
  9. Cola-Coca

    Construction site Find. Some Goodies.

    Wow, those Cobalt Blue Hutches are awesome!!
  10. Cola-Coca

    Aluminum bottles!

    Here's a riddle for ya. Guess which one is still sealed, or unopened.
  11. Cola-Coca

    Aluminum bottles!

    Will any body ever collect these aluminum bottles? Please post your aluminum bottles, if you have any!!
  12. Cola-Coca


    Grreat find, never saw one like that!
  13. Cola-Coca

    J. Wise Allentown Pa.

    Really beautiful embossed bottles! Now you need to complete the rainbow, in order! ROY G BIV R-red O-orange Y-yellow G-green B-blue I-indigo V-violet
  14. Cola-Coca

    Hi all, thought I’d join this cool site, I’m in Mt Sterling Ky.

    Welcome, impressive collection you have there.
  15. Cola-Coca

    Half pint Borden's

    Looking at this similar bottle, I think it is 1928! I like the ribs. In 1885, the company pioneered the use of glass milk bottles. Would like to see that 1885 bottle. :)
  16. Cola-Coca

    Hello from Frederick MD

    Welcome, what types of bottles are your favorite?
  17. Cola-Coca

    Jelly jar

    I am not sure ROBBOB, hopefully somebody will educate us !
  18. Cola-Coca

    Jelly jar

    Nice uranium jelly !
  19. Cola-Coca

    Druggist bottles


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