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    found B and B bottle

    HEllo all! its been a while I know, all my sites have grown over til spring lol! while out metal detecting a field today, we came across a home dump site and Found this big 30 oz bottle there, that I had never heard of, even though its from my city (before my time lol!) . I believe I read here...
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    Newly bought dug bottles

    Just picked up some bottles (good deal!) Never seen the big 7UP NDNR before...and Kickapoo? dont see much mention anywhere of that. Whatcha think?
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    latest buy

    Havent been around site for a while so thought id post some bottles i picked up from a guy who worked at Pepsi. couple were "defect" ones due to they contained items other than pop lol. Neat to get a couple with caps. havent seen that DR pepper before, but im a noob still! have to clean em and...
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    wishing well

    Hey all long time no talk! thought id try and date some wishing wells that i have (2 still need cleaning but): all 3 are different. the one on the right is 11 oz and looks like the words wishing well were painted on. only mark on bottom is Domglass symbol, "design registered" and a 4 under the...
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    bottle books?

    I see mention of bottle books people refer to. can anyone give me some good titles to look into? thanks!
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    new thing for me ... ;arge pop bottles

    Just got my first 2 large bottles (Pepsi is 26oz). 1966. NOt sure of date on the Kist, it is a consumer glass, 2 on the right, looks like a 6 on the left? its not a deep embossed base so pic wouldnt work. let me know what you think date may be on the Kist ...62? Are large bottles generally more...
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    this weekends buys

    had a productive weekend of bottle buying I think! Picture is below. 3 REinhart's (from Guelph, Ont), 1 embossed Evangaline, 1 Quench, and one Canadian soda water (bottled in my hometown of Hamilton). few chips in the soda bottle, but seems older. Anyone know anything about the Soda? I havent...
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    Dating Pepsi bottle

    bought a bunch of bottles, in it was 3 of the short Pepsi bottles shown on the right. 10 fl oz DO NOT REFILL (French on other side) Think its only Pepsi i have seen with nothing on bottom ... maybe foreign?
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    Wink / Canada Dry bottle dating

    grabbed a few bottles off someone on Kijiji ($1 each) and one is a green Wink, as shown below. not sure how they date, please help. Funny story ... right after i picked it up i stopped down at the creek nearby to see the flow, and my 6th sense kicked in and i found a half buried bottle...exactly...
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    dating a stubby pop bottle

    i cant find anywhere online to help with dating my Stubby bottle. thanks for any help!
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    ive been seeing a few Codd bottles lately. are they worth $10? (think one was German and one said Columbo). (didnt see any defects). Do you need to watch for something on them? Never bought one but someone offered me 2 for $20, and it was only bottles he had in his booth, so dont think he knows...
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    this is def my best flea market buy yet :) is it a hutchinson? i dont really know what they are yet lol. hopefully worth more than $10!
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    antique shop pops

    got a pic of some pops from one of our many antique shops here. see anything worthwhile? think they all marked 8-10$ each
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    Detroit Brc. co. bottle

    Saw this bottle at a market with an dd shape, and the bottom is even stranger (tho im new to this): any ideas what it is? the bottle is warped as well....not straight sides
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    worth the price?

    Saw an ad for some old uncleaned, unidentified bottles (pic below). would you pay $25? 20? for what you see in pic?
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    Took some advice and hit a flea market!

    So i decided to go bottle hunt at a flea market today for first time ... found some decent ones i think.,,plus a couple junk made in taiwan haha. SO far got a blue Wampole, a Palmer's lotion, with partial label (sample), and a mini (sample?) what i think is a GL&G CO. Couple others are still a...
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    cleaning mixtures ratios please

    i see a number of helpful ideas for cleaning but not many mention mixing ratios. i have the bar friend in powder form. one mentioned tsp of bar friend with 1/4 bottle of aquarium sand, but do you run it dry? or add how much water? another is bar friend with copper bits. i assume with water...
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    Newly dug today!

    sorry im still a newb, so every find still gets me excited! lol. pic shows my finds from today. i did some actual digging in my "site" and found these ..but OH the stuff that was broken...was sad :( Still need to clean them up but Certo on the right, Blue Seal on the left with some label stil...
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    Newbie in Southern ONtario, Canada

    Anyone in southern Ontario? im near Hamilton JEff
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    beginner first finds

    Had my first hunt yesterday and found the following. One on right says Quebec Maple 1933, its not really from 1933 is it? left one is Heinz ketchup, not rare im sure. no idea what the one in middle is but the bottom has a D in a diamond, a square, a 5 and an I. Any info would be appreciated, as...

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