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  1. Hogtown Hunter

    What is it?

    This picture is from another estate sale. Sorry I don't have a better pic. I was wondering about the brown canteen looking jug in the middle. I've seen a similar one on here that was old. Is this probably just a reproduction? There are a lot of 1800s antiques being sold at this estate sale so it...
  2. Hogtown Hunter

    Few Bottles from First Estate Sale

    I stopped by a local estate sale today and they had some bottles for sale. Picked up a light blue, not cobalt, corked top Milk of Magnesia $5, a flask $5 and a Millville Atmospheric Fruit Jar $20. Quart size missing the lid. There were a couple more bottles I would have liked but if I wait till...
  3. Hogtown Hunter

    Eight Sided Jar and Couple of Ball Masons

    When I was going through the box of "Grandpa's Stash" there was an old Atlas EZSeal in great condition except it was missing the lid. There were a couple of Ball Mason jars. From what I can tell by the signature on front they date 1923-1933? The 8 sided jar I almost chunked because it looked...
  4. Hogtown Hunter

    Grandpa's Stash; Bottle ID

    Hello. I'm new to this and have been searching/collecting for about a year now. I remembered i got a small box of old bottles out of my grandparents shed years ago and have never went through them. Several were not that old but found a couple older bottom embossed bottles I was able to find out...
  5. Hogtown Hunter

    Whiskey Bottle Comes Back to Life

    A couple years ago my brother was working for a gas company in North Florida. They were digging a trench for a new gas line with a backhoe and stumbled on an old dump site. Late 1800s- Early 1900s. Bottles were popping out with every scoop. Him and the guys he worked with were grabbing them up...
  6. Hogtown Hunter

    Old Coca Cola Bottle Dump?

    On Friday I went out to do a little creek bottle hunting. Found a few beat up but still in one piece. A 1943 Coke bottle, cork top flask, medicine bottle and some cone shaped bottle that is screw top but thought it looked cool. On the way home I see some road/sidewalk construction going on and...
  7. Hogtown Hunter

    Newbie. First Post

    I've been metal detecting a couple years now and saw a cleared piece of land that I guess is going to be another neighborhood. On Historic Aerials there was an old home and barn on it back in 1965. Don't know when it was built but went in search of some silver coins. When I got there i see...

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