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    Tulsa Bottle Show Buys

    So nice to be out among other collectors.. Had bought a DR. WELLS crate a couple years back from Conroe Texas and wanted to try and fill it... you know.. give me something to do and thought it would take a while.. but ended up finding 11 bottles.. so now I need to find another crate or 6 pack...
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    Swap Meet buys

    So nice to get out and hunt.. Tired of this being cooped up... Picked up a nice crate full of O-So Grape bottles. The crate was marked 1946.. The bottles are marked from Flat Rive Missouri... then a 8 oz. Pepsi red and White double dot.. From St. Louis, MO... As you can see Bar Keepers Friend...
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    So How do you date this?

    I need some help please. Usually Pepsi bottles have a easier date on them this Pepsi there seems to be numbers everywhere? Which is the date?
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    Bottle Show in St. Louis

    Thought I would post some images from the St. Louis bottle show last week.. They handed out free tote bags at the door.. This show was on the line as several shows closed/canceled after this date... there was plenty of hand sanitizer and bathrooms were stocked.. a few vendors canceled... and I...
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    Date Code Help

    Asking the experts here... bottom of a embossed Coke bottle is this a 1964
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    Paper Label SPUR bottles

    Just bought these at a small auction... I never see Spur soda bottles... not around here in Missouri anyway.... And these are the first paper label I've seen for Spur... not sure of the year so someone here with the knowledge to understand the embossed info on the bottom please chime in. And...
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    Latest buys

    Picked up a nice Pepsi double dot crate with 22 Pepsi bottles... no labels as I'm sure they came off decades ago.. they date 1941 on the bottom.. also got a few Hires and a clean Coke button and a Dr Wells cooler... cooler is from the mid/late 40s... All Came from up New York way... picked up at...
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    ACL Registration/Misalignment

    I had bought a 50s/60s 7up bottle rack with 5 cases of small 7up bottles still filled with soda off craigslist a few years back... Well having to move it around a few times (it's heavy) a lot of the bottles had "floaties" in the soda... So I made the decision this week to empty all the bottles...
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    HOWDY Soda Need some help

    I'm pretty sure Howdy started out as an orange soda and used a paper label... some co-workers think it started out as a lemon lime flavored soda that became 7up... From what I find and know (which ain't much) the man who developed Howdy Orange developed 7up a few years later... Howdy was never a...
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    Buys of the week

    Thought it might be fun if we posted what we have found/picked up this week. went to some antique shops and flea market in Northern Missouri and found these this weekend cleaned up pretty nice... good survivors... The soda fountain glass is a hard one to find (for me anyway)... I believe it was...
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    2018 Tulsa Bottle Show

    First time going.. Can't believe I've never gone before... It's more than a bottle show.. dealers from around the country set up with bottles and vintage signage... loved it! will be going from now on... it goes along with their monthly flea market so there were over 200 dealers set up...
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    Anyone know the history of O-So Grape Soda or the company

    I'm asking for some help with this one as I can't find anything on the company. We're updating our website and I wanted to add some history to each of our sodas... and this one is a tough one. All we have so far is just a line "The O-So Beverage Company originally brewed out of Peoria, IL around...
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    Sodas on Facebook

    I know a lot of folks are on facebook now also (I've yet to open an account) but I know many have and have found a lot of places to buy and sell. The company I work for bottles soda, many vintage sodas to be exact... They have a facebook account and though I'm not on there yet.. I would like to...
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    Nichol Kola and Ver Vac Wanted

    Been a while.. still looking for anything Nichol Kola or Ver Vac related... Mint Near Mint bottles, bottle openers, carriersand cardboard signs.Thank you and Happy Hunting All!
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    National Bottler's Gazette Magazine

    Anyone have any of these magazines or the Southern and southwestern bottler magazinethey would be interested in selling. thanks [attachment=magazines01.jpg]
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    Looking to buy Ver-Vac Bottles

    Anyone have any mint to near-mint Ver-Vac bottles they would be interested in selling?OR any Nichol Kola items?
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    Full Case Memphis, TN Union Bottling Co.

    Just got these today... Thanks to some friends that spotted them at the Memphis Bottle show.I go from no squat aqua style bottles to a complete case, plus the case... A few bottles have someminor wear to the glass but the ACL labels look good... a few even near...
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    Spickard Missouri Bottles Wanted

    Looking to find a Wilson Dairy Bottle from Spickard, Missouri...anyone have one or two to sell... Thank You for any help or leads....
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    Old Bottler Conventions History

    Does anyone know if any written history is out there that recorded Bottler Shows and Conventions?I've never seen a Bottler's Gazette or any other magazine first hand... but pages I've seen posted show glass companies, companies that make/sell bottle crates and other equipment... I am wanting to...
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    Nichol Kola and Ver Vac

    Anyone have any mint near mint Nichol Kola and/or Ver Vac bottles or items like carriers, bottle openers,signs, smalls they would like to sell? thanks and happy hunting

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