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    Are these Pontil marks ?

    I found these 2 broken pieces scratching around at one of my spots. Are the marks on the two bases pontil marks or something else ? I’m kinda new to the pontil stuff and most stuff I find at this spot is late 1890’s to around 1915.
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    Rare Newnan Georgia straight side Coca Cola

    Here’s a “Property of the Coca Cola Bottling Company Newnan , Ga. “ straight side bottle. Newnan Georgia straight sides in general are listed as Scarce in Bill Porter’s Coke Bottle Checklist , however there are 5 different variations shown in the Early Georgia Crowntop book .Three different mold...
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    WTB Georgia Bottles

    Looking for early crown top bottles from Northeast Georgia : Bludwine Bottling Co. Hartwell, Ga. 1915 Patent Coca Cola Hartwell, Ga Fall City Mfg. Co. Toccoa Ga Falls City Mfg. Co. Toccoa & Cornelia, Ga. Elberton Bottling Works Elberton, Ga Lime Cola early 20’s deco style with...
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    My first Georgia blob top beer

    Here is my first blob top beer from Georgia , purchased it earlier this week on feebay. Chattahoochee Brewing Co. Columbus, Ga.
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    Found a straight side Coca-Cola today !

    Went on the first creek and bottle hunting walk of the new year today and had a little luck ! Found what looks like a stopper or top for a bottle with a design, an aqua Ball Perfect Mason with a number 8 on the bottom , and a nice center script straight side Coca-Cola from Athens, Ga with no...
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    Want Northeast Georgia Bottles

    Looking for early crowntop bottles from the following towns in Northeast Georgia : Toccoa , Hartwell , Lavonia , Royston , Elberton , Comer , Cornelia , Commerce , Clarkesville , Cleveland, Clayton etc. Some specific ones I’m looking for include 1915 patent Coca Cola from Hartwell Ga , Bludwine...
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    Nichol Kola 5 & 6 Cent

    Just picked up these two Nichol Kola acl bottles. The one with 5¢ printed on the front is from High Point , NC and the one with 6¢ is from Gaffney , SC. I’ve heard it went from 5 to 6 cents because of sugar rationing during world war 2 ??
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    Chero Cola wanted

    Looking for Chero Cola bottles from the following towns . Athens Ga Atlanta Ga Brunswick Ga Cairo Ga Canton Ga Carrollton Ga Cartersville Ga Dalton Ga Dawson Ga Douglas Ga Eatonton Ga Elberton Ga Franklin Ga Forsyth Ga Gainesville or Gainsville Ga Jeffersonville Ga Louisville Ga Lumpkin Ga...
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    Blakeslee Bros acl

    Can anyone tell me anything on this acl ? I’m trying to help a friend get rid of a bunch of duplicates, and can’t find anything on this one ..
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    Clicquot Club blue/green

    How common or rare is a Clicquot Club in this blue/green color ? It has an applied top.
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    Georgia Bottles Wanted

    Looking for early crowntop bottles , cork top embossed medicine/drug store bottles , hutches , blob top , etc. from the following Georgia towns : Toccoa Hartwell Lavonia Elberton Royston Comer Commerce Cornelia Baldwin Clarkesville Clayton Cleveland Dillard Demorest Hiawassee Dahlonega...
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    Want Northeast Georgia Bottles

    Early crowntops wanted from Toccoa , Hartwell, Royston, Elberton, Lavonia , Clarkesville, Clayton, Cleveland, Commerce , and Comer in Georgia as well as early pharmacy bottles from these towns. Also interested in the same from Westminster, Walhalla, Seneca, Pendleton, Townville, Fair Play and...
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    Northeast Georgia Crowntops

    Some Northeast Georgia bottles

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