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    I’m pumped about this one. Just gave them the 180 they wanted not messing around with bids this time.
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    He asked for 375$ and I countered with 500 delivered. Which he accepted. They will be here Saturday. I have always wanted the Sutherland with the blue lettering. Anyone know of any other older Hamilton bottles I should be looking for. I have enough cummer and son and pilgrim I would love to find...
  3. J

    Found another one

    I bought the one and I’m current negotiations for the entire lot Wis me luck
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    Anyone know if York springs in Toronto became imperial mineral water of Hamilton?
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    Anyone heard of Voakes and Co Windsor Ont. Found this in the columns demolishing the royal cannought hotel in Hamilton.
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    I bought this a while ago but still can’t find any information about it. So who can help ? It’s hard to see but it is embossed with John gompf Ontario brewery Hamilton
  7. J

    I didn’t know you could buy antique bottles at IKEA

    What a bargain!!
  8. J

    More money than brains

    We are up to 355 American for a bottle that has been glued back together from 10 pieces
  9. J

    Someone tie my hands down.

  10. J

    Is it worth it?

    Not that it matters cause I’m buying it anyway but he wants 150 I have this one already imperial company Anyone know which is older company or Co. ??
  11. J

    My favourites

    My 3 favourites
  12. J

    I hate littering but I love litter it’s basically the same as a non-smoker collecting cigarette butts

    Like to thank all those folks who threw their trash in the lake back in the day . Thanks to your horrible and difficult lives environmental conservation was not a top priority.
  13. J

    Where is the rest of it?

    On the way 40 bucks
  14. J

    Is it worth a hundred?

  15. J

    New new Pilgrim bros

  16. J

    New pilgrim ginger beer condition is awesome

    Another one today
  17. J


    II I like them to show some age.
  18. J

    My babies

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