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    Georgia Ginger Ale

    Are you saying it's for sale? How much I may be interested.
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    need brushes?

    Almost forgot buying fromthe link I put in the last post will save you a couple bucks, it's his supplier! I found that out to late. They both live in the same town I live in ( go figure) Willy
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    need brushes?

    It may seem like alot to buy those off of e-bay, but I know the guy who sells those and it's a good deal for what your getting. I have bought a set from him have had them for about 2 years, they are still alive. My favorite one is the biggest black one, I cut the loop off of the end and stick it...
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    Embossed Limeola, Sky Pilot, Bludwine, Ansley BW

    The Limeola is about 25 smackers on a good day, just depends. It's not rare but not to common either.
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    Embossed Limeola, Sky Pilot, Bludwine, Ansley BW

    RE: Recent additions to the embossed family!! As for the value, damage does not always affect the value on a super rare bottle. Sure a mint bottle is always worth a heck of alot more than a broken one, but if it's rare, it's rare. Your bottle is pretty scarce, and I haven't seen one that isn't...
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    Jacksonville, Florida

    I live in Tallahassee and when I get a little more free time I'll drop you a line or two. Willy
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    Coke, Various Soda Bottles, & Other Bottles For Sale---Massive Collection!!!

    In lot 50 are any of the Coke bottles 1915's or 1923's? Willy
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    Embossed Limeola, Sky Pilot, Bludwine, Ansley BW

    RE: Recent additions to the embossed family!! I am not sure where to get another but I am interested in buying that one from you. Willy
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    Need Help Identifying These Soda Bottles

    Considering the picture is so small I can't say much, ut my opinion is the Moticello bottle is gonna be the best. Since I don't know much about the other two towns my opinion could be wrong. I live in Tallahassee, Fl. which is only about 30 miles or so from Moticello, and as a local collector...
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    Purple Coca Cola

    $35 was a pretty good buy, that bottle usually brings good money in good shape, and as far as if there was a true purple coke bottle I would say no. But was it possible I say sure why not. Willy
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    Indy area diggers?

    I am a part time Hoosier, I go back and forth between Fort Wayne and Tallahassee, Fla. so I'll shoot you a line the next time I'm passing through. Willy
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    Purple Coca Cola

    I will be willing to bet it's a ten-pen with an oval slug plate on the shoulder. If it is and I have no idea why, but at least 9 out of 10 of this particular bottle from Cordele is nuked. Which for me is a waste because they are good bottles. And as far whether or not it hurts the glass I...
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    WANTED BAD!!!!!!

    Thanks Glass Man
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    to all in the forum

    RE: Most Wanted Well for me there are 2 bottles that are at the top of my list. The first is one I recently posted about it is a Barq's bottle from Columbus, Ga., but the kicker is that it's the shape of a generic pinched waste milk bottle. The second is definitely a 1915 Coke from Cairo, Ga. I...
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    ACL bottles & others to trade

    If you live in Fort Wayne I have someone I can put you in touch with who has a few bottles from there.
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    What is it?

    Also a talc bottle.
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    WANTED BAD!!!!!!

    I am sure it is a Barq's, and it's from Columbus, Ga. It's one of those that will throw you for a loop, because it looks like any run of the mill milk bottle.
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    Well I too have had a design going on a tumbler based off of a treadmill. It has all you need for a basic tumbler, you may have to change a pulley or two to get the results you want. So now it's out, I have kept this in for weeks now trying to find an el-cheap-o treadmill to actually put this...
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    What books do you recommend

    I agree, the Georgia Crown Top Soda book is about the best there is for Georgia Soda's. Generally it comes with a pricing guide to help with rough estimates on the value of crown tops. Willy
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    Damaged 1900 Macon Coca-Cola bottle

    Yup! Ken and Carl Barnett wrote the book, both are really great guys to know in the bottle world. I just saw them both at a local bottle show this past weekend and Ken had a few bottles for sale he had repaired and if he would not have told me himself they had been repaired I would have never known.

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