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    L.H. Scott Porto Rico Hutch

    we dug the same bottle today in Chester PA . in a privy
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    Hi Dave Hope you are well. IS the opportunity still there look for the privy on your property ?
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    Looking for embossed bottles Delaware County PA

    Visit my web site. I collect milks, meds, sodas/beers Thanx Ron Fellman
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    New excavation

    Nice Digs RelicRaker. Nice urban digging!
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    The Cross Street Dig

    Hi RelicRaker I have this St Cloud Pharm bottle to trade if you are ready to let the Ardmore med go... The St Cloud is about 5" tall. Thanx Ron
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    1700's Trash Pit

    The Tavern dates to the 1750's so it is possible it is that old
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    1700's Trash Pit

    Digging behind an old tavern. We haven't hit the old glass yet but I did dig what I think is a sharpening stone. Can anyone date it ? thanx
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    Pa milk botte

    It would help if you listed a town or area
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    Media Bottles case

    Is RCO referring to the AL Tweltridge Chester PA? Tweltridge was a very popular brewery in Chester. They had many bottle formats. See my web site for a few variants listed under Misc Bottles I know a great grandson...
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    La Dow's Pharmacy Wayne, PA

    La Dows - from my web site
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    Hi Dave I just saw your message. I hope all is good for you. Can you email me to catch up?
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    Scott-Powell date codes

    Scott Powell Milk I was always under the impression that those #'s were mold #'s and not dates. We dig a lot of Scott Powell bottles in Delaware County ,PA. You can check w the Nat'l Assoc of Milk Bottle Collectors and Peter can tell you if that is the date or not. Where do you dig ? I...
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    PATENT green squat style bottle?

    Dug this bottle today in Delaware County PA - outside of Philadelphia. The bottom is indented but does bot have any writing on it. Can some one give me info on the bottle ? Age, Origin, what it was used for etc. Thanx so much
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    Pennsylvania Diggers

    Re: RE: Pennsylvania Diggers Yes Media , PA
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    Pennsylvania Diggers

    Re: RE: Pennsylvania Diggers Yes Media , PA
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    I mailed the application today....Grantville...yes I went last year... 2 days in a row. Its about 2 hours away. I bought a great milk there from Media Pa and a few other local milks... I will attend Thursday.. thanx so much Here is a link to my website.....
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    Hi Dean...Thanx for the lead on the auction. I looked at the catalog a few moths ago. Most of the bottles are from Western Pa.. I DID NOT JOIN YET... shame on me. I have had the form and envelope filled out for months...I will do it this weekend. thanx for the reminderRon Media Pa. LOOKING FOR...
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    WAWA dairy gill

    WAWA Dairy is located in WAWA ( Middletown Twp ) Delaware County PA. It started in the early 1900's and grew to what is is today. I have a 1/4 pint Wawa that reads 1/4 pint I call it Wawa shield in slug. I live 10 mins from the WAWA property and we dig many Wawa bottles. I am always looking...
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    Dave... thanx so much for the bottle. As I told you I had a 1/2 pint Riverview and the quart you gave me is a great addition.. I will def contact you to come out to your place and check everything out.. sounds very exciting. I will keep my eyes open for any Dyottville I come across in my...

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