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  1. Canadacan

    Canada diamond Cokes!

    They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I'm sure some of the fella's like em too! These are Canadian multi diamond pull top cans from about 1967-late 1969.
  2. Canadacan

    Orange Crush-new variation!

    I have a new bottle today and a new discovery! This one is from Kewaunee Wis. dated 1937 made by Illinois Glass. This is the 6oz variety with Crushy facing right, in the guide it states all of these bottles are 8 3/4 " tall, but this example is 8 1/4" tall. It lines up with the height of the 6oz...
  3. Canadacan

    Rose Beverages, Prince Albert, Sask.

    Finally got an ACL Rose Beverages!....but it's a very tough to find green version. I still need the clear one. This is the much more common version seen.
  4. Canadacan

    Crush NDNR Canadian amber!!!

    Finally nailed down the coveted NDNR Canadian amber. Made by consumers glass dated May/June 1967.
  5. Canadacan

    Mission Charge ER!!!

    I finally nailed down a Canadian Mission Charge ER...absolute beauty in a 6.5 oz size, dated 1940 from Dominion glass co. This product was designed to compete with 7up. The bottle hails from Crows Nest Bottling Works, Blairmore, Alberta
  6. Canadacan


    Finds on Friday! It was pretty cool to find this Cott brand QuickAde. It's an early 70's can...could even be 69-70. This was Cott's answer to Gatorade! Now I have a Gatorade can hiding some place, and I swear I have another brand of this type of beverage...I'll have to see if I can find them.
  7. Canadacan

    Island Bottling-Nanaimo BC

    I finally landed this version!... Island bottling took over Rumming's Limited in 1953....but the new company continued to use the same graphic. This is another company I've not put much research into. Island bottling-Rumming- Nanaimo Daily News, 31 Oct 1957 Here are the other two Island...
  8. Canadacan

    Min-Tee by Felix Distributors limited

    So I finally landed a Min-Tee by Felix Distributors limited out of Vancouver BC. This was from their Part-T-Time Beverages line, there are only a couple other variations of Part-T Time that I've seen, I'll post pics to show them. There are other bottles by Felix bottlers but these are...
  9. Canadacan

    Double Cola can

    One of my favorite cans is this early pull top 10oz Double Cola can, circa 1965-68. It's marked Double Cola of Canada limited~ Stratford, Ontario. There is also a flat top version. Double Cola came to Canada in 1953.
  10. Canadacan

    Ice Castle-Steinberg cans

    Well this is the stack I have and none are from the 60's. The earlier Ice Castle cans had the S on the front as pictured in the newspaper article. The diet cola cans are just marked Steinberg, one is the older with no UPC and then an updated one with the UPC. The only other variation I have is...
  11. Canadacan

    Yukon Club-Canadian cans

    Yukon Club was A&P's (The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. Ltd.) in house brand. They expanded into Canada in 1927 and by 1930 had 200 stores, most of them in Ontario and Quebec. I know they had one A&P in Winnipeg Manitoba but not sure if the other three western provinces had any locations...
  12. Canadacan

    KickAPoo Joy Juice

    Love this can!...this was basically a competitor to Mountain DEW! This is a pull top can listed showing Moxie-Monarch-Nugrape Co so it's from 1967 on. I'm sure most of you you the connection to Al Cap's comic comic strip Lil Abner and that this was a fictional drink introduced in 1965. These are...
  13. Canadacan

    Bootleg-'the high class carbonated beverage'

    This Bootleg soda can has to be one of the coolest cans I own!... I mean come on bullet hole graphics! The opposite side of this 10oz can reads " the high class carbonated beverage' Very little is know about this scarce brand from Namac Co. Toronto. My friend in Ontario has the only other...
  14. Canadacan

    Mason's 10oz Orange and Cola

    These are the only two I have from Mason's. I love the orange with the instructional top on how to open it. There are about 10 known cans, 3 generations, a diet ginger of them is a 12oz first generation marked root beer on the lid. The earliest ad is from 1958 in the Grandview...
  15. Canadacan

    Orange Crush Canada 1960's -80's steel only

    This photo pretty much summarizes the steel only can era of Crush in Canada with the five known generations...the top row as far as it's known to me are one generation cans. This is my lime can line up with the super cool Pac Man can here's a few more promo cans...sugar free Pac Man is a bit...
  16. Canadacan

    Five for Friday!

    Love my orange soda...Five for Friday!...let's see your Five!
  17. Canadacan

    OC in the Green...Top of the list!

    To me when you ask about USA Orange bottles and what are the best ones? this 28oz green OC Beverages tops the list every time!'s that one that just stands out no matter what :)
  18. Canadacan

    The King of Orange!

    This probably the most iconic quart bottle from Orange Crush being it's an ACL and it features Crushy! 30 oz Canadian ACL
  19. Canadacan

    Orange Crush Canada 6oz Crushy embossed variations

    I Finally got around to detailing the tall 6oz Canadian Crushy bottles I have. When not detailed they pretty much look all the same, so I just wanted to point out a few major differences. I'm only discussing this particular bottle here because it keeps things simplified. First bottle is from...

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