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    Mid-Maine Bottle show 1st Annual bottle Show Sunday Nov.7th 2021 Topsham Maine

    Thank you very much for the info. Got a call from some friends with the info as well. If you are going to attend I may see you there. Cliff
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    “Original” 1800s Snuff bottle

    I agree with you. Have dug several of these snuff bottles over the years as well in Maine. This type is usually found in early 1900's dumps. Cliff
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    Mid-Maine Bottle show 1st Annual bottle Show Sunday Nov.7th 2021 Topsham Maine

    Do you have more info on location and hours ? I will definatly plan to attend. Ye Olde Prospector
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    Old Quack/ Snake Oil Medicines

    Here's one of my favorite cures from Washington,DC no less. Harper's cuforhedake Brain Food Cliff
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    Beatty Bros - cast iron motor - Fergus Ontario

    Early electric pressure tank for well water !
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    What is this??

    That would make scense. Cliff
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    What is this??

    I think this is a coal shaker grate from an old coal fired furnace. My grandfather had a coal bin in the basement, allowed coal ashes to drop down and be dumped outside. Cliff
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    Glass top to an old style coffee pot. Cliff
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    Deluca 3-Sided

    I think these three sided bottles contained Haig whiskey or brandy and usually had paper lables
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    Small Jar with separate compartment modded in neck.

    Ink bottle made for filling fountain pens, before ball point pens became popular. Cliff
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    Show us your Birdswings!

    Remember Red Mathews ,always enjoyed his posts on the forum. Here is my favorite Birds Wing bottle. Open pontil umbrella ink with a vertical birds wing. Had it lightly tumbled to show it much better. Glad it did not break. Cliff
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    E. Hartshorn & Son's bottle

    Thanks for the replies. Mine will stay in my miniatures and samples collection. Glad to hear that there is at least another one with the errors out there. Don't think there are many out there found mine here in Bath, Maine. Cliff
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    E. Hartshorn & Son's bottle

    This is one of my favorite Hartshorn bottles I dug years ago. It is bim 3 inches tall and all S's are reversed. Bottle maker must have had a bad day. From the smaller size I would guess it was a sample bottle. Anyone have or collected one with these with the same errors ?
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    Hilton's jar

    Thanks Coreya for your red book info. I don't think I found the closure for the jar. I don't recall anything on the base. Jar is still packed away in one of my boxes for years. Guess it might be worth digging it out sometime. I think I remember finding the glass top and probably have it in my...
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    Hilton's jar

    Thank you very much for that information. It appears this jar was a prototype before the closure was officially approved.
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    Hilton's jar

    I think Rumford Chemical was baking soda or powder.
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    Hilton's jar

    Does anyone have info on this jar/bottle ? It is embossed " HILTON'S PAT MAR 10 1868 " I dug it here in Bath, Maine years ago. I don't collect canning jars but it could be a wax seal type jar. Looks late 1800's due to whittle surface and bubbles. Cliff

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