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    I will tell you what I paid 15 years ago. I remember exactly where and when I bought them...

    I will tell you what I paid 15 years ago. I remember exactly where and when I bought them. 165.00 and thought I got screwed. Probably did but I wanted them. Thanks again for your time and knowledge. Jim
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    Nice uncleBruce!!
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    1959-1960 Coke machine

    Hello all. I am selling my Coke machine that I've had for 15 years. The guy I bought it from told me it worked which I believe him but I don't know. I have never plugged it in. Regardless it has to go it's in good condition and has been stored inside my home not in the elements. I realize that...
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    Green Mr. Crushy

    Just 29 n on the bottom
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    Green Mr. Crushy

    Thanks for that.
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    Got it today, i tried looking it up and could only find one other one that was the same

    I have a similar one. Not exact. Don't know if it helps!
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    Green Mr. Crushy

    I would have bought one in not so great shape but you can't really find them. Thanks
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    Green Mr. Crushy

    Got lucky.
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    Green Mr. Crushy

    29 N was all that was on there . Probably mold number
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    Green Mr. Crushy

    There's a 29 N on the bottom. Sorry I missed it. Could mean anything.
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    Green Mr. Crushy

    No glass maker on it.
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    Green Mr. Crushy

    Thanks Thanks Micky. Love your book. Glad I have it. No more guessing on O.C. bottles. Have a great week.
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    Green Mr. Crushy

  14. J

    What kinda bottle is this

    Don't know what it was used for but Duraglas did a lot of spiral bottles
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    Green Mr. Crushy

    Thought I would share the Green Mr.Crushy I got at the bottle show in Terre Haute today. Been looking for it for some time. Nice meeting Cokemanracer there. He had a booth there. Glad I went . .
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    New Jersey bottle

    Thanks ROBBYBOBBY64. No not common around here. Vintage kayo bottles are common here! Lol
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    need help with date...

    15minutes before you posted that I was looking at an old glass with the same mark. Now I know who made this clown glass.
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    New Jersey bottle

    10-4. Thanks . I bought 2 more today about 40 miles from my house. One is a Pittsburgh hutch. The other is also a Pennsylvania acl.
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    Booze Bottle

    Damn nice!
  20. J

    New Jersey bottle

    Thanks. Nice bubble on the face!

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