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    Bottles turning purple?

    I don't know about that since Mercury receives nearly seven times the solar irradiance that Earth does and has only 1% the magnetosphere strength at surface. Since it is also a factor in the colorization, how long duration of exposure are you willing to consider? I suspect that an exposure of...
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    Finding the privy/money spot?

    Thus, "The Evergreen State." It's been a soggy Fall so far; that's for sure!
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    Booze Bottle

    I'm no expert on reproductions--and the Booz bottle has been reproduced--but your example certainly looks genuine to me. The crude applied lip, bubbles in the glass, some sagging of panels and bit of base wear evident lead me that direction. I'd be interested in seeing other opinions.
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    Toasted bottles

    Looking forward to seeing those photos!
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    Toasted bottles

    I like the idea of an art project. Back when I was actively digging, I began to regret a lot of the shards I had left behind. One amber embossed whiskey that was in two cleanly-mating pieces--probably a freeze break--which I left in the woods at an Ainsworth, BC mining camp still haunts me. It...
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    An old favorite from my collection

    It is indeed sad when people who have no appreciation for such things clear out the "junk."
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    Value of Pearson Bros Bodie Bottle

    Very nice inheritance! Did a relative dig it? With respectful apologies to Hemihampton, I would advise you to NOT tumble your bottle. It is in too good condition as is, and some collectors would much prefer its authentic condition to that of the tumbled example in the photo that Leon posted...
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    Hello from Seattle

    I've wanted to dive for bottles for about fifty years now, but experienced horrendous ear and sinus pain that I couldn't clear while free-diving to as little as 10 feet down. Land dumps that weren't extensively dug were already getting difficult to find back then (1971) in Washington State...
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    Early Machine made (I think) Medicine (I think) bottle with unusual top/ Lip/ seams, Looking for ANY Info

    It is definitely a machine made bottle. (Tip: Always include a view of bottle base when seeking more information about your finds from this site. Photos you submitted were fine, but a base view might have yielded more information for you as some of our members are quite proficient at deciphering...
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    Finds from the lake.

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    Hi From Mission BC Canada

    If you are new to antique bottles, then you probably have little notion of just how envious you have mad a bunch of people! First chance at newly uncovered dump site with antique bottles is a great job perk. If I lived up there, I would be visiting you on the job site! Or, at least trying to...
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    Weird Structure in Woods.

    Other than the poured concrete slab, is the rest of the material dressed stone? The rectangular pieces don't look quite like concrete block.
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    Privy digging

    I agree on pontiled bottles being unlikely at the cited location. The reason I am replying though, Leon, is to ask if you have ever had to resort to paying cash just for permission to dig? Wouldn't that be a significant gamble? Or, would you agree to pay a certain fee only for intact recovered...
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    Have you heard of this?

    That's a shame. My late mother found a cougar-killed deer in her backyard right next to the garage about a dozen years ago. I used to stay in the shop at the back of the lot on weekends during the last few years that I worked at Fort Lewis. (To be closer, I had transferred from a different...
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    Have you heard of this?

    Could be cud. (I was careful with that spelling.)
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    Shoe pieces.

    I used to find them (pieces) quite frequently back when I was digging. I never kept any, though had I found mostly-intact loggers' calk boots I might have. The shoes I always hoped to find, but never did, would have been ox shoes. Logs were skidded along trails of notched cross-logs known as...
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    Electrified Ginger Ale Dallas

    I am sorry to hear of Capsoda's passing. I used to visit this site somewhat haphazardly when I worked and before I had my own laptop--computer lab at Fort Lewis was not that convenient--and I remember reading some of his postings fondly. If I remember correctly--it might have been another...
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    New to this cool hobby - north NJ

    Wow! I am envious, but still looking forward to photos of your finds!
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    Ancient muffin? No, this is serious.

    I used to eat a fair amount of pilot bread, and also Knäckebröd (a crunchy rye cracker or wafer) when they were more affordable and I got out backpacking more often. Unlike sandwich bread, they both weighed less, took up less space and didn't mush into a doughy ball in a pack pocket. I'm sure...

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