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  1. peejrey

    Middle Tennessee Area

    Looking for some like-minded folks in the Middle Tennessee area. I haven’t dug in a long while, butI know of a few spots worth while. Also love going to flea markets, and junk stores. I have a car that gets good gas mileage and the AC blows cold. I’m 26 and am not getting younger so I wanna do...
  2. peejrey

    Looking for digging partner in Paris, Tennessee area...

    Hey! I’m from the Bon Aqua/Dickson area, and would love to have someone in the Tennessee area to dig with! DM me and I’ll drop you my contacts.
  3. peejrey

    large Tennessee Pepsi auction starts June 23

    Not sure how I missed this, but I think I might have know Lynn.
  4. peejrey

    WTS FOR SALE: Book on how to find Privies, Dumps, Bottles.

    Might have to pick a copy up myself after this pandemic is over.
  5. peejrey

    Whats up old guys???

    I’m back as well. However a bit older, more quiet, and less annoying.
  6. peejrey

    Anybody have bottle tumbling services?

    They’re not cheap. The market is kinda cornered when it comes to this, unless you build your own.
  7. peejrey

    Older medicine bottles starting to lose liquid and failing corks.

    I originally used wax on mine but had some issues with the messiness. On one occasion I had a reaction to getting the contents of one on my hands while performing the repair. I then invested in some good rubber gloves. Currently I use clear super glue.
  8. peejrey

    Anybody have bottle tumbling services?

    I’m considering ordering a system from jar doctor but I’m wondering if he’s still around.
  9. peejrey

    My smallest "Not To Be Taken" bottle

    Gorgeous color.
  10. peejrey

    First time in 4 years

    It’s been a while. I was surprised to find that chrome still had my login details. I was 14 when I started collecting glass, but I had a mild interest well back into my single digits starting out with my grandparents Avon bottles. The colors, shapes, and smells (obviously) had me intrigued. 4...
  11. peejrey

    Dug 2 Privy's Yesterday. Some Criers.

    Nice dig! I gotta admit I envy the soil you guys dig through, Tennessee clay is horrid on glass.
  12. peejrey

    New Digging Video! Loaded 1890s dump

    Great video RI! Must be an exciting feeling to unveil history, from the depths.
  13. peejrey


    Hey Chris, good to have you back, and yes as you can see we have had some changes made. If you have any questions or issues, please let me, or anyone in admin know.
  14. peejrey

    Back on the forums

    Hey Jim great to have you back, I'll check my stock..
  15. peejrey

    Packing up

  16. peejrey

    Wide Variety on ebay 1/28

    These people who have automatic bidding setup disgust me.. oh well, was gonna try my luck on the maltine..
  17. peejrey

    Packing up

    Well the time has come, and I'm getting ready to move into my own home. This unfortunately means I have around 500-600 glass items to pack, label, and move to their new home(s). However, while I was packing I decided to shoot a couple off with my camera for fun, and this is what I came up with...
  18. D & L Nashville

    D & L Nashville

    D & L Nashville
  19. Windows Shot

    Windows Shot

    Windows Shot
  20. AC Daniels Box1

    AC Daniels Box1

    AC Daniels Box1

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