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    Finding the privy/money spot?

    There's quite a bit of stuff there. Might have been multiple households dumping there in that case, it looks bigger than most of the farm dumps I come across.
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    Great local Passaic County NJ bottle caps

    Those are nice caps, I've never heard of celery soda before. I'd be quite curious to know what that one was like.
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    Dr. Pierce’s.

    Nice bottle! Even if it is common 5 bucks isn't a bad price for a nice condition quack med of that era. I'd date it to around 1890-1910, and it is indeed a BIM bottle with a tooled lip. I was recently surprised to see that Dr. Pierce's is still around, either that or someone revived the...
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    Got it today, i tried looking it up and could only find one other one that was the same

    Never seen one with that embossing before, might have been a franchise bottler which wanted to use the bottles for more types of drinks than just soda water. I'm not sure if those soda water bottles were typically only used for actual soda water or if they were used as more interchangeable...
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    Am I on the right track (Pun Intended)

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking. Interurban means they were running streetcars or streetcar-like light rail trains, not heavy rail trains. Since a streetcar is basically a big bus on rails, there was no need to communicate between stations, the car would just stop when the driver sees something...
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    Orange crush

    Nice deco bottle! It's almost certainly not an actual Orange Crush bottle per se, these are referred to as flavour bottles. When you see "Bottling Co" after the brand's name it usually means that the franchise bottler was named "Orange Crush Bottling Co" but put out their own unrelated...
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    Am I on the right track (Pun Intended)

    Do you know if this was a dedicated right of way exclusively for the interurban from the time it was constructed? In the historic photos I've seen, interurbans typically did not have any telegraph lines running on them, which would have meant that insulators would be limited to the ones used on...
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    Blob or not?

    Welcome to the forum! Looks like a blob top to me, nice find! Looks like you're in a pretty good spot considering you're just starting out.
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    New Jersey bottle

    Common or not, four bucks is pretty good for a hutch! Having a woman's name on it makes it somewhat unusual as well. I'd pick one of those up for four bucks if I came across it, and I don't even collect US bottles.
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    Rum cups

    I can't tell you much on the hallmarks, definitely not something I'm particularly familiar with. VR is for Queen Victoria and GR is for King George, that's all I recognize. You can find more info on this site...
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    I think this one is pretty rare..

    That's a nice one, looks like it's an early machine-made bottle and should date to around 1910 or so. You can tell it's machine-made if the seam goes all the way to the top of the lip which as far as I can tell from the photo it does. E was probably the first letter of the owner's surname...
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    Eastman Kodak Blue?

    That's not blue, it's deep purple. And I'm afraid it's not the bottle's original colour, that was a clear bottle which someone artificially irradiated with UV rays, making it purple to increase the price on Ebay. It would be very difficult for a bottle to be in the sun long enough to turn that...
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    Emil T. Raddant shawano Wisconsin seltzer bottle

    Oh yeah we get those South American ones up here sometimes too, they aren't very collectible. I'd expect to see that sort of prices for them here too. Some of the newer ones with plastic tops from major cities (mostly Toronto) are pretty cheap as well and can be had for under $50. It's the...
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    Erven Lucas Bols Pinch Gin

    That is so cool! I don't remember ever seeing one in that shape before either.
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    Emil T. Raddant shawano Wisconsin seltzer bottle

    It's strange that the attitude seems so different between Canada and the US on seltzers, up here they're extremely collectible and the majority tend to sell in the three figure range. Do you not get as many fancy seltzers in interesting colours down there? Most of the ones I see posted are...
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    G. Lindecke Magdeburg

    That's a shame about the neck, that's some beautiful embossing on it! Not one I've seen before so I can't help on what an intact one would look like I'm afraid.
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    Booze Bottle

    That's a shame it's a reproduction, but it's still a beautiful bottle. Apparently Clevenger Bros were making reproductions of these in the early-mid 30s, so that's pretty close to being 100 years old by now.
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    Emil T. Raddant shawano Wisconsin seltzer bottle

    Nice find! I can't offer any information in particular on the seltzer, you'd probably want to talk to local collectors for that one. A lot of bottlers had seltzer bottles back then and they're typically a lot rarer than the standard soda bottles, although it seems like the US collectors don't...
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    Coke Bottle

    Oh yeah that's obviously a modern one then. I don't know exactly which year but obviously it postdates 1998, and it doesn't really matter which year of the 21st century a bottle was made. I think they were making a lot of these around 20 years ago.
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    Cleaning ACL milk glass?

    If you're finding milk bottles at all that's a very good sign, most people returned all of them unless they accidentally broke one. Could be some good ones if you can get into a slightly older layer.

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