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    curious shard

    Hello, Well, I found a couple of criers today as well. The first was a bottom part of a blue pony bottle. Beautiful color. And the came this: a square bottle with weak embossing on one of the two remaining sides as follows: ...EKER ...TENDORF (or ...TENDORP?) ...RINGEN Has anyone came...
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    Schomburg & Co

    Hello everyone, Whoever went to Baltimore Bottle show yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it. It was nice to chat with some of you and find a few nice bottles for my NYC collection. This piece was found in a box under a table and for a few bucks I couldn't miss it. Never saw this one and a quick...
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    Pure Newfoundland cod liver oil

    Hello, Pulled this shard from the ocean yesterday. Had embossing on sides as well, smooth base. How unlucky was I? Was it common?
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    Small flask

    Hello, This came from the ocean yesterday. Lots of bubbles, crudely applied lip. Strange that is says 3OL on the bottom yet holds 5oz (150ml). First of this kind for me. What did it contain?
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    how old is this Bacardi?

    Hello, Looks crude, the seam on one side is quite off. Top is missing...
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    reaper or harvester figurine

    Hello, This came from the same area as the previous item. The guy was most likely holding a scythe. There is also a stand but no marking on that either. The figurine is about 12" tall. Any ideas? Age? Thanks!
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    Found this metal thing in the ocean. What is it?

    Hello, This was found in the ocean, not far from the shore, in the area which produces 1890s and younger bottles. It says on both sides PAGE 15 P 4 1/2 AL Thank you everyone. Konstantin
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    blue shard - just curious what it is

    Hello everyone, Found this blue shard on the beach and can't recognize it. Just curious what it is. Thank you! Konstantin
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    please help identify a few shards

    Hello, Trying to identify a few shards. The first is unembossed tall and narrow amber, 2 1/4 in diameter and probably 9" tall. How is this bottom with the bud in the middle called, by the way? The second is green, with letters in circle, don't know where to start to read the name. The third is...
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    Bottle necks ceiling light

    Completed my art project for New Year's celebration. Most of my bottles come from the ocean and, naturally, more shards than intact ones. Heartbreaking. But I thought I might do something with 19th century bottle necks and bottoms so here it is. 32 necks cut, painted different colors on the...
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    4 inks

    Hello everybody, My girlfriend has bought several inks at a garage sale. They all smooth-based. Any idea where those were made and approximately when? Thanks a lot! Konstantin
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    F. F. & Co. New York

    Hello all, Another catch from the waters of Atlantic. 5 3/4" tall, 2" wide with embossing: F. F. & Co. New York Can't find any info on the company. Any ideas what it was used for? Thank you guys. All the best, Konstantin
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    two wide mouth bottles

    Hello all! Those two wide-mouth bottles were found recently and I'm curious what they were used for. Applied lip. They measure 8 1/2' tall, the wider one has three dots on the bottom. Thanks, Kost
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    what is this long green bottle?

    Hello all, Here's one of the recent finds. A tall (8 1/2') green 8-sided bottle with a long neck (2 1/2'). What did it contain? Thanks for your help. Kost
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    Liverpool shard

    Hi everybody, Recently found a shard of an 8-sided aqua Liverpool medicine. W & J FERGUSSON (?)TRAND STREET LIVERPOOL One side says: (TA)BLESPOONFULS Another side is: IN SIX PARTS Bottom has a number: K 5772 Definitely a crier for me, never found a British medicine before. What do...
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    2 medicines to identify

    Hello everybody! Recently found three small medicine bottles. Searched the Internet and was only able to find the NYC pharmacist Eschmann listed in a book of 1901 (the top left bottle) Any additional into on him or scarcity of the bottle would be helpful. The other two didn't return any...
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    diving partners in NYC area

    Hello, I just got certified two weeks ago and now I'm looking for diving partners in NYC area and neighboring states. Looking forward to diving for bottles with you. Konstantin
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    dijon mustard from Russia

    Hi everybody! Just wanted to share with you pcitures of a nice dijon mustard jar I brought from my native coutry - Russia. It says DIJON MUSTARD N. PRAYS MOSCOW It looks black but it's actually dark green, check out the next pic. Enjoy, Konstantin
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    whiskey bottle - please help identify

    Hello guys! Thank you for this great forum - I check it from time to time and learn from you. Found this whiskey bottle on a beach. Three-piece mold. On the bottom is has markings as follows: A ... 14 What do you think? Any value? I'll keep it as I like the rainbow color. Thanks a lot!
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    round bottom bottle

    Hi everybody, Found today on a beach. Light green, stands ~10.5" tall, 4.5" at the thickest place. No markings. The seams on the top and on the bottle do not match. Blows bottle with quite a few bubbles. Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance.

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