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    Robertson's Beverages

    I was given this bottle by a friend and would like to know a bit more about it. I have searched the forum and haven't found very much on the older embossed ones. The only markings on the bottle are "Robertson's Beverages" around the top band; "Beaufont Bottling Works Washington NC" around the...
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    Preserves jar??

    My wife picked up two of these jugs and I don't know for sure exactly what they were designed to hold. On a pottery forum, someone said that they are preserve jugs used before the onset of glass canning jars and a wax seal was used to hold a tin top in place as the first picture indicates. This...
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    Jockey Soda Bottle

    Found this in a bunch of old bottles and really can't find any real information about it online or here on the site although I have found examples of "Jockey Club" bottles. It is a 10z. bottle with the word "Jockey" of the front & back. On the bottom, there is Miami / Fla / 10 oz. / A 50 / and a...
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    Victor Bottling Works

    I would like to know more about this bottle. I've searched online, as well as here on the forums, but can not seem to locate very much information on the company or approximate age of it. On the front the embossing reads: Registered and below that: Victor Bottling Works / Chicopee Falls Mass...
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    Jaynes Tonic Bottle

    After searching online the only examples of this bottle that I could find were pale yellow in color. I couldn't seem to locate any detailed information regarding the contents of the tonic itself. I'm really unsure if this is pre-1900 or later bottle so please forgive me if it it is post 1900...
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    E.P. Shaw & Co. + J. Bpurne & Son Stoneware Bottles

    Here are a couple recent low cost auction wins. I am unsure if they are pree-1900 or later. I know that the J.P. Shaw & Son bottle is an English Ginger Beer bottle but have been unable to find any reference as to its age. Also, I'm not sure as to what originally was in the J. Bourne bottle or if...
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    Round Bottom Bottle ID

    I read a post about these types of bottles a while back but can't seem to find it now. I'm just curious as to what the original contents were and if it has any age to it. There were three of them on a box of bottles I recently picked up at an auction. Two were round bottom like the one in the...
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    Mexican Mustang Liniment Bottle

    Since this one has a deep pontile that is 1/2 inch in diameter and roughly 3/32 inch deep, I am curious if it is a pre-1900 bottle.
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    Grape Cluster Bottle

    I know that this is not very old, however, does anyone have an idea as to what originally came in this bottle? On two of the grapes at the very bottom I can barely make out what I think is "Made In Turkey". All comments welcomed. Many thanks.
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    Unknown Wire Bail Bottle

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what may have been the original contents of this bottle? It appears to have had a circular label on the front at some point. It's heavy and measures 7 inches tall and 3 1/4 inches wide at the base. The only markings are on the back which reads: "Bottle To Be...
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    Gramatan Springs / Bronxville, NY

    I recently picked up a 5-gallon Gramatan Springs water bottle in what appears to be its original wooden crate. Having done research on it I found this: The Gramatan Spring Water Company was located in Bronxville, New York. Gramatan was the name of the chief of the local Siwanoy, (Mohican)...
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    Ink Bottles?

    Could these possibly be pre-1900 ink bottles? Thanks.
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    Clown Marking

    In a group of recently purchased bottles, there was a clear one with no markings except a clown face on the bottom. It's 5.75" tall and 2.75" wide at the base. Any ideas as to who the maker was or what it held? All comments welcomed.
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    Snuff Bottle

    Two of these were in a crate of mixed bottles that I recently picked up. I don't really feel that they are that old, and very possibly very modern. I'm just curious as to what information someone may have to share about them. Thanks.
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    Bowling Pin Bottle ID

    This spider web design bottle has a smooth, flat, oval on the lower portion of the body which I'm sure once held a label of sorts. On the back of the bottle there is a significant oval shaped flat area that has the web design like the rest of the bottle. The makers mark on the bottom indicates...
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    Aqua Atlas Strog Shoulder Years of Production

    I've searched this site, the Internet, with no joy. I ordered a copy of The Red Book No. 12 today. However, I would like to know the approximate year range for the production of this aqua Atlas Strong Shoulder jar. I'm guessing the 1920's and maybe into the 1930's but would like to narrow it...
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    1930's Pepsi Cola Logo Request

    If someone has a 1930's Pepsi Cola bottle, (same shape as the "wave" bottle), could you please post a close up image of the Pepsi Cola logo that goes around the body of the bottle and one of the logo also embossed on the bottom of the bottle as well? Many thanks!
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    No City / No Date Code on 6 1/2 oz. Clear, Debossed, Dr. Pepper Bottle

    I am trying to determine the approximate year(s) of production of this bottle. The Dr. Pepper is script with a period after Dr / "Good For Life" is block style lettering / The 4 is at the normal 4 location / The face of the 10-2-4 clock is textured. No other markings other than 6 1/2 ozs. areon...
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    Garden Club Botttling Co. Hopewell, VA

    OK, I was born, raised, and my entire work life was, in Hopewell, VA. I just found a green bottle with the following markings: Garden Club Beverages (Both sides @ top) Garden Club Bottling Co. Hopewell, VA (Around Base) Min. Contents 1pt. 8 oz. (Around Base) I can not find any references to...
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    Bottling Co. ID

    I picked up a light green bottle whose only markings are B. B. Co. , 16N, or possibly 15N, and 2 in different places around the very bottom of the base. The body very gently tapers up to the neck. I've searched Google, e-bay, etsy, and a couple other urls but can find no information. I first...

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