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    Lowenstein & Co. Old harvest Corn Whiskey, Statesville NC

    Recently found this rare Statesville NC corn whiskey bottle. Not a rare bottle in the Ohio version but is since it's the NC version. The bottle is the quart size which is hardest to find, the pint sold for $112 this bottle is in the $200-$250 range but will consider all reasonable offers.
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    Merry Christmas Flask. Any info? value?

    I recently got this flask off of a guy I know, I don't know much about it, other than it's a barrel whiskey flask. I have a Cleve and Steve flask this style that I've read is worth around 250. Does anyone know the rarity of this Christmas flask or the value, I cannot find one that has sold this...
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    early 19th century cologne or medicine? anyone ever seen these etchings on a bottle?

    Found this Sunday close to Wilmington NC. It's open pontil and mold so it's was made by mouth blown glass into a mold. Never seen anything like the dice patterns on front three panels has anyone else? The bottle is 4 3/4 inch tall and 2 inches wide. Front panel has QT at bottom and back panel...
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    Old medicine bottle? What are the markings? Need help!

    Need help to ID this open pontil. It stands 4 1/2 inch and is 2 inches wide. Found on a colonial house site and in same hole was horse shoes, a bridal, brass skeleton key and two heart locks. Only markings I can make out is QT on front panel and the number 293 on back panel at the base. I do...
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    Charleston SC soda bottles

    Hello there, a friend of mine is working in charleston and has found about a hundred blob top soda bottles most of which are charleston bottles. I'm wondering which names are the best to have, which bottles are the best to find. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks
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    palmetto blob top from charleston SC

    looking to sell my palmetto blob top to any of you SC fellas. it is in excellent shape, no chips or cracks beautiful bottle. Looking to get 250.thanks
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    Anyone ever heard of a bottle from the coca cola bottling works that says KENDRICK on the shoulder. Says its from Goldsboro NC. Its the same size as a straight sided coke, thanks
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    found this nice marble scuba diving

    Found this Beautiful marble the other day while scuba diving, i think its clay that has been glazed. I know nothing about marbles. I have included a pic so if anyone knows anything about it please let me know. Thanks
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    Christo Cola

    Anyone know what a christo cola bottle from wilmington nc is worth. The bottle is onion shaped dates prob between 1910-1920 id say based on my experience but im not for sure.
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    Christo-Cola from Wilmington NC

    Hey im kevin this is my first post to the site. I am a avid scuba diver located in southport NC and I found a Christo Cola from wilmington this summer. I am trying to find out the value and more on the bottle. It is onion shaped and a beautiful bottle. Thanks

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