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    Double lip soda?

    Just picked this up today. I thought it was kinda odd. It's a 7 1/2oz soda embossed Frank Jennings Louisiana MO. The lip is what I thought was odd. It's embossed Registered Patented Pride. Unsure what type of closure it had. Any Ideas? Thanks, Steve
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    Root Beer Blob

    I just picked this up at the flea market today. I thought it was unusual due to no brand or city embossed on it. Thanks for any info.
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    GEO. SCHROEDER East St.Louis ILL. beer

    I picked this up at the flea today. It does have some damage but for $2.00 I wasn't going to leave it there. For now it will sit on my shelf until a better one comes along, after I clean it of coarse. I assume it was a Weiss beer. Common?, Scarce? Rare? Thanks for any info. I did a google search...
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    Dick & Bros. Kansas City, MO. Quart

    I recently added this flea market find to the collection. I'm not familiar with KC bottles. Any info appreciated.
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    Odd wine bottle?

    I've been trying to find info on this bottle for a friend. It was his grandfathers. He had just sent me some pictures. I asked him about a seam and he doesn't see one. He would be happy with any info at all. Thanks in advance! Steve
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    Small Illinois acl collection

    I've been starting to save Illinios acls that I come across cheap. Here is my small but growing collection. I think I'm addicted! Steve
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    My latest Missouri ACL additions

    Thought of posting some of my acl finds for my new collection. I know most are common but it is fun adding to them! They are all Missouri bottles mostly St. Louis and surrounding areas. All are pre zip code and cost me from $.50 to $5.00 each except one, which I had to pay $12.00 for. I have yet...
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    Wanted: Spring Brewery

    I would love to find a bottle and or label from the Spring Brewery St Charles, Mo. I would be happy just to see a pic of one. Steve
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    C.-P. RootBeer St.Louis. Mo. ACL

    Having trouble finding anything out on this one. Not listed in my acl book or the two acl websites I know of. I've tried google still no acl though. I don't even know what C.-P. stands for? It is a keeper since it's local though. Thanks for any info. Steve
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    I came across what I guess is a common Ball Mason pint but this one has a disconnection in the 2nd and 3rd L. Is this a common spot for this to happen? I've seen the disconnected underscores on jars before but not on top of the L's. Thanks, Steve
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    No Idea

    All I can say is what is it? Maybe how old? I'm not even sure where I got this. Maybe a box lot at an auction. Thanks Steve
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    Smile ACL

    Hello all, I recently picked up a few more acls. This Smile bottle I can't seem to find anything on. I'm thinking it may be an oddball? It is a 12oz squat, the babies are not painted just outlined, and the back reads Bottled By Apollo Soda Water Co. Aliquippa, PA. I think its a keeper cause it...
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    Light green Mason

    Hello all, I've been reading some of these threads on fruit jars, something I know nothing about but find interesting. So now you guys got me wondering about my jars. I have a few laying around and probably a few more I haven't found yet. I tried searching Ebay but there are way too many Mason...
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    A few labeled bottles

    I've had these bottles for years. I don't think I've ever found anything on them. I don't see them on the common list, but if they are common feel free to add them. The perfume is kinda interesting...lab sample. I wish the Homer's had the full label. Never heard of liver tea. Thanks for any...
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    I have 3 different bottles from St. Charles Mo. Are there any more out there? Maybe a Deco? Steve
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    Foriegn acls

    I picked these up today, thought they were odd. The 7up is from Beirut, Lebanon and the Kinley reads product of Coca-Cola. I think the Kinley is from Isreal. Any info on how often foriegn acls show up in the States? Steve
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    Acl newbie

    Hello all, I am just starting a side collection of local acl soda bottles. I've been picking up acl soda bottles here and there when I can't find any beer related items for my main collection. I was turned on to this by a friend who gave me the 3rd edition acl book. Here are a couple of bottles...

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