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    Mini Soda bottle?

    Any ideas what this bottle was used for? Its marked with the Owens Glass O in a Square with no date or plant codes which I believe dates it to 1919. Its machine made, crowntop and appears to be a soda bottle but its only 5" tall. My father dug it up in Virginia more than 40 years ago.
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    Unique Stoneware Crock? Can anyone ID?

    I inherited this stoneware crock but have no idea what it is or its age. It has an unusual top. It was in an old southern plantation home in Virginia that dates to early 1800s. It could have been placed there at any time. It does have 3 words on the on the bottom that I can't make out...
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    Any info on this 5 Gal mineral bottle "Williams-Acme Springs-Health Water-Norfolk VA"

    I inherited this large 5 Gal mineral springs water bottle that is embossed "Williams- Net Contents 5 Gal - Acme Springs- Health Water- Norfolk VA - Springs - Bowers Hill VA". " Williams and the last line are curved so the title could be "Williams Springs from Bowers Hill VA". I see that there...

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